Pinball heads at-risk youth fund

By ALAN FINDLAY -- Toronto Sun

Toronto Argonauts coach Mike "Pinball" Clemons joined Ontario's crime-
fighting team yesterday.

Clemons agreed to chair a $15-million provincial fund that aims to help keep kids in troubled Toronto neighbourhoods away from guns and gangs.

Premier Dalton McGuinty unveiled the Youth Challenge Fund yesterday at an East York community centre, where Clemons called on everyone from clergy to community "worker bees" to stem the violence in 13 targeted neighbourhoods.

"Our challenge here is to understand the sense of urgency," Clemons told the gathering at Jenner Jean- Marie Community Centre. "We need everyone in our community to get involved."

A board of directors, yet to be chosen, will oversee the $15-million fund, attempt to raise an additional $15 million from private donors and choose which programs to support. Money raised privately will be matched by the province for a fund total of up to $45 million.

McGuinty said the goal of the fund, in concert with other recent government initiatives such as more police, is to keep kids away from gangs and violence.

"We're going to do all we can to prevent violence in the first place by ... giving (young people) the opportunities they deserve," he said.

Successes in combating violence among youth in the U.S. and the United Kingdom were not achieved in a government meeting room, McGuinty said.

"Ultimately, the strength will come from the community itself," he said.

Rev. Don Meredith, chairman of the GTA Faith Alliance, said Clemons is an ideal choice to lead the new fund.

"They couldn't have picked a better man," he said.

The fund will open doors for young people rather than close them, Meredith said.

"We need to see our kids not expelled from schools but put into programs," he said.

Conservative Leader John Tory welcomed the initiative and accused McGuinty of lifting it from his own plan to address youth violence.

With this wonderful work and his overall generosity with time etc., it would appear how Pinball will be doing whatever he wants to as he can excell in anything he puts his mind to. The current Argo contract expires in 07, after the Grey Cup. As much he is a true treasure and needs to come back in the CFL, somehow I doubt it. I have just read the latest book from Perry Lefko on "Pinball The Making of a Canadian Hero". It's a must read for all.

Do you think Randy Moss and Terrel Owens could learn something from Pinball???????

Naw...wishful thinking...their swelled heads couldn't get past the Canada Customs door! :wink:

if Ken Dryden runs for the leader of the Libs, I just might convert......what do you think ro.....

more the merrier, PE!!!

Speaking of Pinball, he's speaking in Peterborough this coming Tuesday night. My wife bought me tickets to the dinner/talk for Christmas.......looking forward to that event HUGE!!!!

Pinball can't be PM, but I'd like to see that guy that Micheal Moore featured in "Bowling for Combine" become the PM, I think He is/was the mayor of Sarnia.

Pinball is on the Fan 590 in Toronto tomorrow between 10:00 am - 11:00am.

Pinball can be PM now that he is a Canadian citizen. We’re not so undemocratic that we would put restrictions on who the people are allowed to elect.

Remember, our first PM’s weren’t born here either.

And I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about Michael Moore. He’s not Canadian.

Moore was born in Flint, Michigan.....

The sad part about the Pinner is that there are still morons in Toronto who think he is a nobody because he didn't play much in the NFL and make it big there. And therefore they don't give him the time of day. I bet Paul Godfrey is one of these aholes.

Well, I guess there are, and always will be some, but he is a huge celebrity in Southern Ontario. Even here in Hamilton everyone knows Pinball and appreciates what he's done, not just for football but for the community. And the media just loves him. Every time you turn around he's being interviewed by someone or other for something that may or may not relate to the CFL.

" but I'd like to see that guy that Micheal Moore featured in "Bowling for Combine" become the PM, I think He is/was the mayor of Sarnia."


Where do you come up with this stuff! LOL comes right out of his brain!!!.........can you believe it?!........his BRAIN tells him to write this stuff on his keyboard......who would've thought a brain did this kind of thing?!......

I didn't say that Moore was, and no ofence, BUT WHAT KINDA RULE IS THAT??? anybody can be PM, are you nuts? if it was the Governer Genral, fine, but the PM position???

Maybe I'll be talked into believing that this is the right way to go by you guys, but that a bit too radical for me.

when I watch the movie again, I'll post his name, seemed like a NDP guy.

Okay, I misunderstood that statement. I thought you meant "...that guy Michael Moore, featured in "Bowling for Columbine". "

Do you see how easily you can be misread when everyone has come to assume that everything you post will be laden with spelling and grammatical errors?

Our country bestows on ALL of its citizens ALL the rights and privileges enjoyed by ALL of its citizens. Whether you were born here, or choose Canada as your adopted home, you have the right to run for any elected office, including Prime Minister, if you choose. That, my friend, is called DEMOCRACY. (That you wouldn't have much chance of winning is the choice of the electorate, not the constitution.)

But say a US diplomat gives birth while on a mission overseas, and returns to the U.S. when the baby is 11 days old. The child lives there his entire life, is educated there, and turns out to be an economic, social, and military genius. But even though he is a US citizen, since he was born outside the country, he has NO RIGHT to ever run for president. No, that job is reserved for more qualified people: guys like George "Dub-yuh" Bush.

You tell me which system is insane!

Let's just say that I'm the PM of Canada, let's just say

There is an issue between Canada and Australia, where I'm from.

which country do you think I'll favor?

as for my misprints, working on it.

If you're a Canadian citizen, a Canadian resident, and a Canadian prime minister, you'd damn well better favour Canada!

And don't overestimate the power of the PM. He doesn't have absolute power to make unilateral decisions, like the US pres. The PM is just one of over 200 members of parliament, each with one vote in the House of Commons. If the Right Honourable Kanga-Kucha puts forth a motion that is seen by the others as detrimental to the country, it will be soundly defeated as even his own caucus would vote against it. Then you're looking at people "crossing the floor" (when an MP abandons his party to either join another or sit as an independent), non-confidence motions, and, as Canadians know only too well now, a possible election call. We just went through all that stuff and kicked our PM out of office just over a year after he was re-elected.

Good luck keeping your job as party leader if that happens.

so you would get the vote of "No Confidence" and be dismissed alot faster than the American impeachment system

ok, good rule., sorry I bought it up, but I understand now.