Pinball for Mayor of Toronto?

The Municipal Elections are coming up in 2014 in Ontario and I think Mike "Pinball" Clemons would be a Great Mayor for the City of Toronto and should run for office.

Mike Clemons has done well in Pro Sports in the City with the Argo's, has been a Grey Cup Champion as a Player and a Head Coach, he is a CFL Ambassador of the Game, is community minded, he has contributed a lot to his community through local charities, and his own marketing business and I think he would be a great person to lead the City of Toronto and give the City a good reputation amongst other Cities in Canada and North America.

What do other CFL fans and Toronto fans and citizens think, Mike "Pinball" Clemons for Mayor of Toronto 2014?

I'd vote for him. The city could use a consensus builder.

We discussed this last week and it was pointed out that Clemons lives in Oakville not Toronto.

mike is all kinds of wonderful things, but I don't know that any of it qualifies him for politics.

I think he has also said he has no issue of intention of it regardless of where he lives.

I think Tor already has the best mayor ever.

surrey bc has the best mayor ever, followed by delta

Yeah Pinball gets my vote! But I guess anyone would do a better job then that crack head of a mayor we got right now!

But isn't Ford doing a pretty good job running the city? I know he's a big football guy, the last Mayor ,Miller is throwing a hissy fit to try to keep the Arogs from using BMO and he's a soccer guy. Ford is the best hope for a new Argo home.