Pinball comments about Ticat Fans

In the Spec

Funny article

I love Pinball. He pretty much the only Argo I would acknowledge. First being he is a classy guy. When he became a Canadian Citizen I was very proud.
I remember they were filming a commercial here at IWS. Pinball was one of the players. It was hot, and we had to dress for like October weather.
There was about 200 or so of us, and during an off moment, Pinball came up and talked with us. He was called to the set many times by the director, but he would not leave until every kid who want to say something to him was answered and or autographed. I will never forget that. And this article is a testement to his grace and humour.

Pinball's the greatest. I can't wait until he's Prime Minister.

I always liked how during player intros at Ivor Wynne, each argo is in turn booed, jeered, subjected to the forbidden chant, etc., as they take the field, and then Pinball comes out and gets a quiet round of applause, much like a golf clap, and then the booing, jeering and forbidden chants continue for the remainder of the Toronto players. I've noticed this happen with Pinball the coach and Pinball the running back. All in all, very fitting for the man who is the exception that proves the rule about Argos.