Pinball Clemons

Pinball and his good heart decided that one. But you know he’s not going to take any heat for it either because the Toronto Media loves him. Pinball needs to start acting more like a coach than a friend. Guys like Adrion Smith would be long since cut on most teams. Somebody like Michael Palmer should of been long gone when you have J.F Trembley on the sidelines. I wish he’d take a step back, find another job in the organization, and let someone else take over as head coach. He’s a great guy, but I don’t think he’s a Head Coach.

04 Champs: Take a look at your own name. Teams who win championships don't win in spite of their coach. They win them with their coach (note I didn't say "because") Pinball is a master motivator. I will agree with you on this point: When he's no longer coaching the team, he should have a position with the team.

I disagree..........BISHOP needs some playing time.Allen needed rest.

This was not a life or death game.

When Pinball rested his first stringers against Montreal , and they beat us buy 60 points.........he took allot of heat.

I think he made a coaching mistake when he , didn't kick a field goal with 2 minutes to go in the game,gambled and lost.


Yes , but he is human.........and should have gone for 3.........near the end of the game...........but I agree with him playing BISHOP.

BISHOP had some dropped balls and a missed inter. call.

The ARGOS defence had trouble figuring out Montreal all , night.

I think they really believed that Bishop would do something and that it was best not to lose Allen for a longer time by playing him to start.

Kent Austin sure looked relieved to see Damon Allen in the game in the 3rd and they made a game of it.

Like the announcers said, Bishop should have ran a bit more rather than force passes that he was not able to complete.

Keep in mind that it was Bishop stepping up last year when Allen went down to win the key games to get you guys into the good playoff position. What happened when Allen went down in the Winnipeg game this year? Bishop stepped up and won the game. These early two points mean everything come the end of the season, but losing to a better Montreal team by only 8 points is no shame at all. In my opinion Bishop is a great quarterback and he is very under-appreciated.

Really? You think Bishop is a great quarterback? Hmm. I am not sure. One thing though. You have to get him playing time.

Pinball is a great coach. His coaching style is different then others in the league but it works for him. It is nice to see someone have a friendship with his players and watch the players feed off of him.

If we are going to complain about his coaching decisions, then Brashir Livengston (sp) is one of them. He is hurting the team, by being selfish.


Personally I think he is a great motivator. The Coaching is done by the coordinators

I have never seen a coach talk to his players just before each one is introduced.

Yeah there is no doubt that he is the best at motivating his team.

I find it hard to believe that most people think that the game meant little. It was an opportunity to take the season series from Montreal, when was the last time you did that, and to get a little breathing room from Montreal in the standings and keep pace with the Gades. I was just surprised at the lax approach Pinhead took towards the game.

Bishop seen action in the Winnipeg game and played all season in the arena league, how much more time does he need. He s not going to get any better then he is right now.

I only saw the end the game but what was with the play calliing from Allen being down by 8 points with 14 seconds and sitting on the 40 yard line ( I think)?

if any other head coach had made that desicion they would have been harrased about for days after the game

Not true.................