Pinball Clemons. Great Guy. Lousy Coach.

Whenever you read something about Pinball Clemons, its always about how great a guy he is and how he loves his fellow man and goes to church twice a day,blah blah blah.

And even at the end of games players and coaches from the other teams gravitate over to him to shake his hand or hug him. Like he's the freakin' Pope or something.

So he may be a great guy. Even a saint. But as a football coach, he sucks. His offence has no imagination. They run the same plays that don't work over and over. There's no imagination in the playcalling. He goes with his QB too long. He mismanages the clock.

Bishop was bad tonight, but Clemons did nothing to correct the problem or shake things up. All the running plays were the same. Right up the gut. No sweeps. No screens. No reverses. It seemed every series was a two yard run followed by a sixty yard bomb to nobody.

While the media would never dare critcize Clemons, I say its his fault his teams offence is so anemic, and he should be fired. Because its been two years now of the same defensive boring football from this guy.

I think the ARgos won games this year despite Pinball Clemons. Not because of him. Great coaches have been fired. Great guys can be as well.

Right. and past success means nothing. You dont think maybe that losing Austin as OC had anything to do with offense woes??

in the end, it comes down to simply that the QB and the recievers between them just didnt perform.

I have been saying this for awhile. The only reason TO has been good at all is because of their defense with pinball has nothing to do with. He is a motivator period. Just my opinion. love the guy for what he has done for the argos in terms of publicity, just don't think his coaching abilities were ever that good.

If my team was needing a HC, I wouldnt mind him…

I like him as coach.

Clemons is the reason the Argos lost or the offensive coordinator. You have a guy like Bishop, probably full of nerves. Get him to run the ball a couple of times in the first quarter to calm his nerves. And then the Bombers play the Argos deep knowing the Argos like going for the big play. The Argos kept trying, and trying and it wasn't working. For pete's sakes, make it easy on Bishop and do some screens and short over the middle stuff. Horrible coaching on the Argos part, couldn't believe it. Of course their receivers were horrible also, Talbot and Bruce both dropped balls they should have caught. But credit to the superior coaching staff and players in the Bombers, outperformed the Argos all the way and deserved it. CR is simply a joy to watch, one of the best backs in football, tough as nails.

Pinball is finished as a coach after this mess-up. But he's a great guy and will do well in the motivational speaking circuit.

When did Pinball become the Argo's Offensive Co-ordinator?

He said he was thinking of pulling Bishop
in the 3rd quarter just before they scored.

He should have gone with his instincts.

His instinct have usually been pretty good.

Its probably for the best that Pinball is talking about moving on and doing something else, because firing him would be a PR nightmare.

He needs to go through. His team clearly wasn't prepared for the game, and the offense never adjusted to what Winnipeg was doing.

Pinball was and still is a great coach.
Toronto had a great season this year and they could not have done it without pinball.
Sure no coach is perfect, but pinball is a overall great coach.

A great coach whose offense can't score?
He does nothing to change things up. Yesterday was the same play after same play.
You can blame the offensive coach, but they blamed the last offensive coach as well.
The one constant in this offensive fiasco is Clemons. And it is time he find a new line of work.