Pinball Classy?

I often hear people say that Pinball is a very classy person, blah blah blah.

I just want to know, What kind of classy person gambles on third and ten (i think) in the fourth quarter of the football game, when there are only a few minutes left.

Furthermore, who continues to play (instead of taking a knee) untill the very last play.

Pinball needs to :
A) Stop running up the score / Rubbing wins in
B) STAY OFF THE FIELD! (after a small fight he was about 10 yards on the field)

Also, near the end of the game on saturday, i noticed that Pinball said something to the fans who were sitting by the Argo Bench. Does anyone know what was said?

Well it could have been in regards to the stolen helmet? What he said at least who knows? I still think pinball is a great guy, posssibly classy isn't the word for it but that man has something.

As for playing until the last play I think that shows dedication to the game. Every knee down is a lost oppurtunity for your offense to improve and learn. As a coach you shouldn't let your players just cruise to a win no matter how far ahead you are. You put in your 2nd or 3rd string, which is what he did, and give him real in-game reps.

As for the fight, it happened right in front of the bench. HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS TEAM AND THEIR CONDUCT. If you had responsibilty for a bunch of apes about to ballistic you might want to intervene as well before they lose it and you take the rap for their actions and lack of disciplin.

I once heard him as a motivational speaker and the man has pazazz. He's intelligent and dedicated and I think that's where he gets his "class".

As for the fight, it happened right in front of the bench. HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS TEAM AND THEIR CONDUCT. If you had responsibilty for a bunch of apes about to ballistic you might want to intervene as well before they lose it and you take the rap for their actions and lack of disciplin.
He still should NOT BE ON THE FIELD.

I actually had the same feeling about that. I don't think he had a right to be on the field. He should be able to control his players from the sidelines, especially if it's right in front of his own bench.

Pinball’s strength (and off-season vocation) is motivational speaking. He always comes up with a well-turned phrase in front of the microphone.

When he finally gets his citizenship, I can see him entering politics.

WOW... who cares about the field so much? DID YOU PAY FOR THE GRASS?!!? Ok lets let the boys play their game... but honestly why does a man stepping on a field (which he has every right to step on he paid his time in the CFL IMO) mean he isn't classy? I don't get it I'm sorry.

i have to agree with u there

but i read a biography about him and wow he does and has done ALOT of stuff for the community like visiting hospitals and stuff like that

one time he was visiting a child in the hospital and the child said he like pinball's shoes

so he gave the kid his shoes and walked out barefoot

and he did alot of stuff alot like that

but yea i dont agree with wat he did last week

I'm sure he is a nice person, and he may be a classy person away from the field, but with anything to do with football, i believe he is not.

Actually... he doesn't. It's against the rules now. Lancaster used to walk five yards in while shouting or watching or pacing or etc...

then they changed it so that it's not allowed.

Nice try though.

It takes a lot of Wind to be a good boatman :wink:

There was nothing wrong with him giving more plays to his back-up QB. Would you want us to kneel if Chang or Williams was in during a blow out? No, you'd want to see what they're capable of.

PS, i've got nothing against him putting in McMahon or whoever else they want to give reps too, so long they're actually just trying to give game time experience.

It was way out of hand, and they were in scoring position. If they were launching long bombs from their own 30, maybe thats a different story... but...

Running up the score? What a load of rubbish. They didnt make one pass to the endzone, it wasnt about scoring, it was about giving mcmahon extra plays.

The whole running up the score whine is stupid. They are paid to play and coach a full 60 minutes. If the score is 60 - 0 and they can score on the last second, they owe to THEIR fans, and to the game, to try to score again.

Pinball anywhere, has more class in his pinky than most can dream of seeing in a lifetime.

I'm pretty sure any ties in the standings come down to points for and against. Therefore, it would be bad coaching to tell your 3rd string come-a 2nd string QB to waste his reps by taking a knee, etc. And Pinball's an excellent coach.

AGAIN.... no offence, but who really cares? If you have that much of a problem with him breaking the rules right then and there... take it up with the leauge = wow people just need to make up reasons to try and shoot you in this town. It's confusing!

well, when you’re wrong, man up and admit it.

ya its no big deal, but then again neither is stepping over the line of scrimmage by half a foot before the play starts. neither really gives you an advantage, or much of one, but its still a five yard offside call.

I'm not a big fan of kicking a team when their down.

I wouldn't of minded seeing Zeke or one our DL take one more penalty by welcoming their back up QB to the Hamilton turf after a pass in the last minute or so.

Then again no one ever accused me of being a good loser. :twisted:

mossman, Pinball was about 5 yards onto the field between plays. Sometime in the third quarter, the Linesman ordered him back past the sidelines. Pinball didn't like it, but there are rules for a reason.

big deal. Its an issue between the refs and the coach. Its not like it actually affects the outcome of the game, or causes injury, or anyway takes anything away from any fans, unless he draws penalties in a close game.

Just because he is one of the classiest guys in sports doesnt mean he is perfect, but for any fan to whine about such an issue as this is pretty petty.

The tv guys covering the Roughies blowout of Calgary said its Saskatchewan's job to score as many points as possible because it could come down to point differentials at the end of the season. In other words, you score as many as you can every time you can.

Also, I'm sure some guys have performance clauses in their contracts. I'd be pretty ticked off if my coach told me let up and not embarass the opposition. Maybe it's up to the opposition to not embarass themselves.

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