Pinball Approached



TSN.CA Staff August 30 2008

click here soon as Monday

if the Boatmen should lose the Labour Day Classic

to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Yaaaaaaah!

The report states that Stubler could be fired

or could take over duties as the team's D.C.

O.C. Steve Buratto's job is
also reportedly in jeopardy.


Let them bumble around
the rest of the year!

8) Yep, I just heard on the Fan 590 (official voice of the Argos) that yes indeed there is a more than strong rumour circulating that Pinball will replace Stubler, and that Burrato will be fired if the Argos lose to the Cats on Labour Day !!! :lol:

damn i am not liking this, i would expect a big improvement from the boatmen if pinball returns as head coach.

Shabby treatment of Prefontaine, Bishop and Steinauer and Stublers public dressing down of veterans have created some serious divisions on this team.

Interesting to see how team responds knowing Stubler's job is on the line. Esp. if Ham gets a significant lead.


I want Subler as our DC!

We shall see on that. If he becomes available as a DC, I would hire him as one in a New York minute. The reality is that such a hire would occur in the offseason, likely under a new regime. I do not think that Evil Incarnate would be so stupid as to rehire Pinball as HC and not at least offer Stub the DC job, albeit a demotion. Even then, who knows that Stub would accept that?

He has a Ticat pedigree, has been comfortable running a 4-3 in the past as well as his vaunted 3-0 defence in T.O…he is the best defensive coordinating talent in Canada hands down! Time will tell how this shakes down. However, the good ship Argossuc is liable to hit the rocks on Labour Day. The consequences of a possible Pinball rehire may lead to a BIG DC upgrade in Tigertown in 2009 if Rich is available.

Oski Wee Wee,

a lot of the blame for shabby treatment is being laid at the feet of pinball, as well as stubler. neither bishop nor prefontaine got phone calls from the argos until three days after their trades; prefontaine, in particular, was incensed at pinball, not stubler.

and let them bring pinball in, it will only get worse for the argos. pinball doesn’t want to coach! not now, no way!!! …

And with that I have to disagree. I think Richie Hall is the “best defensive coordinating talent in Canada hands down.”

Just my opinion, mind you, but Richie Hall has had to deal with far more personnel changes and injuries year in and year out, and yet still that Rider defence keeps ticking along at a high level.

Well not so fast there…

Bishop claimed that the Argos didn’t call him to tell him of the trade. Adam Rita, on the other hand, claimed that he called Bishop to tell him minutes after the fax was sent to Saskatchewan to confirm the deal.

One of them, obviously, is lying.

Don’t just assume that it’s Rita who is lying.

Richie Hall is in the conversation, granted. However, Stubler has more rings and more #1 defence rankings under his belt. I would argue now Richie Hall would be a better HC choice than Stub at this stage of their respective careers, but I think that the match-coverage approach of Stub is the soundest approach going in secondary “theory” in Canada.

Oski Wee Wee,

I don’t like the Argo’s, but they are holding the league back. If we’re not playing them I’d rather rip out my toe nails than watch them try and play the game of football. I have better things to do than watch a team go 2 & out 10 times a game.

His zone defence is a thing of the past, he’s washed up and done. Trestman and Huffnagel will pick his ‘theory’ zones apart all game long, there’s no more Joe Poapoa’s for Rich to pick on no more.

Pinball has been publicly credited for those deals by Argos owners… I don’t think bringing Pinball down is the solution. Letting Stubbler hire his own guys is the way to go.

It wasn't Stubler who agreed to trading for Joseph. I heard it came down from the owners and Rita agreed.
Stubler and Pinball wanted to stay with Bishop.
As for Pre, that decision was Pinballs when Vanderjagt became available. Younger on the other hand was a package deal for the Eskie running back.
In any event, this situation is a mess and began the beginning of the team going out of control.
Now with Bishop being traded, that was Ritas decision.
Well for sure we are going to lose to your Cats on LD.
Looks like Pinball will be back but this time the cupboard is bare. And while we are at it, if Stubler goes then for sure Rita is a must to go with him.

okay Everyone Stubler is not going any where or is he?.

[url=] ... s_stubler/[/url]

Rich Stubler is in no imminent danger of losing his job as head coach of the Toronto Argonauts.

A story in the Montreal Gazette suggested current team chief executive officer and former head coach Mike (Pinball) Clemons may be asked to replace Stubler as early as this Saturday against Montreal if the Argos lose to Hamilton on Monday.

Argo general manager Adam Rita told the whole story is untrue as far as he is aware.

"In our business anything can happen quick, but (this is not true) that I know of and I don't think Pinball would want to do it," Rita said.

One source claims the Argo ownership is "definitely not happy" with the team's current state, but there's been no discussion of a coaching change.

This is the same Adam Rita who insisted that Bishop being put on waivers was not an indication that they were trying to gauge interest for a potential trade, right?

And the same Rita who told Allen to go away LOL!

I'm going to laugh my head off if the Computer salesman's team beats Cyanamon's team a 3rd time in a row