Pinball and Godfrey to go head to head tonight

Pinball will be the host of Off The Record on TSN tonight, 6:00 pm eastern time. Now folks, this should be quite interesting I think with our grand ol' friend Paul Godfrey "I'm an NFL guy" or "I'm an NFL guy but too thick to know how to be an NFL & CFL guy at the same time" there.

Thanks for the posting Earl, should be a barn burner.

Yawn who cares? Pinball should kick him in the head. Paul is the little squash mouse that roared.

Good one there rw. :lol:

Actually, it might a schmoozefest -- they may debate the issue, but neither one of them will get passionate or into a heated debate on which league is better or if Toronto should get an NFL franchise.

I don't know sambo, when it comes to pure arrogance, I don't think I've seen too many people that can beat Godfrey in that department.

Maybe not Earl, but Pinball should be able to catch him off guard with calm, rational discussion. Godfrey will be easily thrown off with intellect.
Failing that, I vote for Clemons vs Godfrey in a 16 Foot High Steel Cage at the next Wrestlemania. Godfrey wouldn’t have a chance.

Godfrey will be easily thrown off with intellect.

Very well said!!

I understand that Godfrey was once outwitted by a jellyfish.


....sorry to pour water on your campfire there junior forest rangers but Pinball is far too much of a gentleman to make this show some kind of WWE event....he will take the high road, point out the obvious that the CFL is there already and people should support it....I doubt he will publicly oppose Godfrey.....

recap anyone???

If you watched it DG, what happened?

...spill your guts newsboy, tell us what we need to hear....

repeat is on 11:30 est on TSN, for those of us who missed it.

Well DG was so overwhelmed by this program he could not remember any highlights. Why waste your time? Come on DG can you not do up a short summary. Oh ya that means you would have to type it out vs cut and paste. :lol:

i never watched it...thats why i was askin for a re-cap.

i got in just intime for 'last question'

i havent seen the show, but if the nfl has to many teams, and the cfl not enouph teams, why not move a fewnfl teams into the cfl, - jets,bills,lions,cardinals, ? :smiley:

id be cool with that ( but not the cardinals )!

“The Alouettes are who we THOUGHT they were!! If you wanna crown 'em, crown their ass! But the Alouettes are who we THOUGHT THEY WERE!!!”