Pinball almost at a loss for words on Grant's TD

Janarion Grant reduced Michael ‘Pinball’ Clemons to one word.

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It was good.

But at the pace hes going he isn’t going to catch this guy


C’mon Squishy, it was better than good.

Grant may never catch Gizmo because he needs longevity, but he’s well ahead of Gizmo’s TD pace. He also seems to come up with backbreaking returns at a critical time in a game such as last week and in playoff games as well. I have no doubt he would have been Grey Cup MVP last year had the Bombers won.

I think for sure that he is the best returner in the league at present.


But, without the forward flip of course… correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t the Giz release the ball just prior to crossing the goal line once.

When you consider some of the kick coverage guys in the league today, that kind of stuff could be a really bad idea. There are no points for style; just carry it
into the endzone!

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Correct, why risk injury?

Very likely he is.

Yup. …and he only had 24,000 all purpose yards in 14 seasons. Oh, and a 115 yard missed field goal run back in a Grey Cup. So somewhere along the way he made up for it.


The GIZ is the GOAT no doubt and the ultimate showman.

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Yup, Grant has a way to go but that run last week was quick when he needed to be patient when he needed to be, very exciting. The League needs a few more of those.

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I’d say so… but my opinion isn’t worth much anymore. I’m just a paper bag now. Life is meaningless and our offensive line sucks. Grant is a lone bright spot in our sea of murky darkness. Even the light hates us.

Still that was one humdinger of a return. :smiley: :+1:

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Your bag is backwards again…

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Is ‘it’ backwards or am ‘I’ backwards?

I think I just blew my mind. It’s a good thing that I’m wearing a bag to contain the mess.

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