Pilsner Flag is effed up!

So, I've been meaning to get a Riders flag for sometime now. Tonight I went to the beer/wine store and saw a promotion for a Riders flag when you buy 24 cans of Pil. Not great, but not awful.

When I got home, I opened up the flag....it's stitched inside-out. I thought I'd had too many Pils, but then I realized I hadn't drank them all yet. The Riders logo, the Pilsner logo...they're all backwards. How messed up is that?

Now the question is...do I keep it, or take it back? It's a pretty rare item!

Wow. thats funny. I say keep it, and get another

...maybe you are looking at the back side of the flag...

That's the first thing I thought of. :lol: :lol:

Me too, so I turned it around and the other side was backwards too. Good thing it wasn’t upside-down! :lol:

I think that flag is for when we're losing....you wave it then & things will start going the other way?

But you better go out & get a proper flag too so you can keep us going in the right direction at all times.

Definately keep it, you have a goofed one. Mine is ok, but do you remember the "Inverted Jenny" stamps that were printed upside down by mistake? Each one is worth Hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Being that we're talking Riders and not some stupid plane, that flag should be worth millions!!!!!!

Sheep, you should keep it, neilca is right! :rockin: :thup:

This. And when we are losing bring that one out and wave it around. :] And hopefully it will change our luck around.