Pilon a good pick up

With Dunbrack injured were real thin on the d-line in terms of starting Canadian talent. All those back up Import lineman are real ratio busters on game day. Nice addition. Also interesting to note that Parker will be suiting up as well.

Wayne Smith got hurt, as well, i'm assuming thats why he was brought in.

never really liked him or thought he was that good, but he's a ticat now kiddies, lets cheer 'em on.

Pilon is a defensive lineman. Smith’s injury would have nothing to do with his signing.

We’re thin on the D-Line. And, we’re hurting.

Nice addition…for now.

Pascal Cheron will play RG the O-line. Wayne Smith will sit out.

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Marc Pilon will back up Devonte Peterson
[along with Mario Fetefehi]

with Troy Cunningham backing up Adriaon Belli again.

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Apparently, Marc Pillon has played some O-line at times

I truly believe this is Lancaster’s way of reacting to the incident last month involving Mario Fatafehi.

the bar fight?