Pilgrimage to Hamilton

Good Day fellow Cat Fans:

Man it has been loooong time since these fingers have tapped out a mssge on this site… short story is I was born in Hamilton…now living in Manitoba (Dugald) and have not been back in Hammertown since labour day 92’ (oski-oui-won that game).

I am thrilled to be heading to Hamilton for (5)days… and my butt will be in a seat to watch “our” much beloved but dysfunctional Cats play “the other blue team” on friday 19th.

I would like to meet some of the people from this site… where would be best location before game? Is there a standing tail gate location?

FYI, I have seen Cats play (4) times outside of that god awful wpg stadium … in edm / regina / hamilton and the Cats have won every time!!! I am hoping my lucky Irish karma can help cats to victory.

A new era (however long it lasts) begins tonite in igloo city, so much has been said of changes to Cats in recent days… I just want the person @ the controls to start playing “Ti-Cat” football. I want & expect the game to be managed correctly but I also would love to see the occasional short kick off (something) daring and/or creative.

I think we all want to see some screens / swing passes! I’ll stop there… we all want to watch intelligent football! “Cheers” DJM

Tailgate at the parking area by Scott Park school. Look for the Box J boys (the ones that look like extras from Braveheart :lol: ) and smoke.

As to watering holes in the area, will leave that to others.


Scott Park, I'm sure you already know where it is but if not just ask anybody. You'll meet plenty of fans and make a few friends.

I'm thinking right about now most of us would be happy to see them getting a handle on some of the basics. :wink:

Welcome home.

Right on! Right on! Scott Park it is.. what time should I arrive, 0800h
.. shall I bring tea?..

Not the Box "J" boys, that would be cool.. seen couple dem dar dudes @ grey cup in winterpeg couple years back. Very hard to miss those fellas!

To the person who said Welcome Home (thx) that sent bit of a chill thru the spine.. I miss Hamilton!! (unlike say.. um TOM A-HOLE CANADA). Boy that whole scenerio just smelt fishy like the red river.. Bob didnt like Armour (gone).. Moreno (gone) ??

It pains me to read Borehamgirl's posts.. she is one upset tigress!!!

Psst, don't tell my wife but there is 1 cheerleader I hope to get glimpse of. She is um, meeoowww!


0800 might be pushing it but from about 10 on I doubt you'll be alone, and yes, Tea is the main refreshment but once it's done keep the cup just in case you need a refill.

No shortage of "upset" fans, hopefully that'll change.

Their fans just like you and me, don't settle for a glimpse, walk up and introduce yourself.

You also get to see the Hall of Fame ceremony at half time, Flutie, Pinball, John Bonk, Mike Pringle and Tom Shepard.
It'll be a fun day.

Thx, and U bring up yet another good point. I did not realize when planning this trip in june that 19th was H.O.F. game. Yet another plus to it all. And yes, I expect nothing less than a Ti-Cat victory. Marcel B, make it so / find a way. Failure NOT an option.


08h00, doubt it. Might want to head down around 17h00 or so. Cops might look the other way then, not at sun up.

Howdy Cat Fans.. Another really tough loss to take! I jokingly said I would be @ Scott Park 0800h as I am soo looking forward to the game next Friday..

When Casey threw TD pick to Goss I was furious (Greg Marshall on sidelines mad).. ready to break furniture mad (there’s a proud moment) but then Ray threw TD pick to Tisdale & I could only shake my head (wacky game)..
Some observations: And I am glad that Taffe is gone. I did not agree with what I percievd to be his philosophy.

  1. 1st edm offencive play & all 3 Ti-Cat linebackers sprint into secondary, some sort of goofy zone prevent??? Edm tosses a swing pass to a back with speed for like 12 yrds?
    I am a believer you need some sort of extra push to QB involving 3 LB’s and 2 Halfback on almost every play.

  2. .. I think it was 2nd edm play and 3 TiCat D-linemen are running shoulder to shoulder to QB!? Duh hello, there’s a reason.. SCREEN PASS .. where is the PLAN for someone to stop the push.. I see all other teams able to identify who continues to QB .. who reacts to RB.
    ~ and why the heck do we not use screens / swings / shovels??? JUST baffles me. We never dump ball off to a mobile back anymore? We did a nice end around with Smith in 1st Q. never seen it again?

  3. If I scream “outside – in? 1 more time @ the T.V. I think I may pop a vessel.. Our D-Ends (Loecher) continue to over pursue to the inside.. Only a guy like “Mumford? (old Suitor joke) could cheat inside – still make play outside.

  4. still very little progression of our offensive plays. This frustrates me to no end. That is the whole point of designing plays.. When was last time we say an Andrew Grigg out & up (miss that guy).. or a Ken Evraire or Ron Williams wheel route?? Defences are reading our mail in the 1st frickin half.. Caulley was getting stuffed up the gut in 3rd Q. Find a Fkg way to get him the ball “outside? the box.. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!

Anyways, I am in the “do not blow up team? camp.. Keep
Casey – keep Lumsden, they are both important pieces. And I would never trash a player or Ti-Cat fan.. I feel better now having ranted.. LET’S GO TI-CATS, fix as many problems as possible this week.. build this team so we can put last couple years behind us ALL. FIX IT NOW! “Cheers? DJM

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