Pikula likely bait for a deal?

Kicker returns -- but why?

Traded to Winnipeg in June,
Pikula likely bait for a deal
Lowell Ullrich, The Province

Published: Thursday, February 14, 2008[/i]

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excerpt..."Paul's our kicker, that's the bottom line,"
said assistant general manager Neil McEvoy.

With Pikula reportedly telling friends
he would prefer to play closer to his home
in Brantford, Ont.,

the Lions may have simply made a deal
before one could be reached between
the Bombers and Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Buono placed a call Wednesday to
Hamilton counterpart Bob O'Billovich."

Wally must have his eyes on some Ticat
player[s] that he would like to make
a pre-free agency trade with Obie for.

We have some veteran Canadian talent
to spare on our defensive line.

I still maintain Nick Setta is happy here but..

...yes its just speculation but could Obie be thinking that having an import Kicker is too high a price to pay - especially if you can get a NI kicker that can do a good job and use the import somehwere else where the team is in more dire need?

Makes sense Ron ... Hamilton doesn't want to trade with a divsion rival.

Why would get rid of kid who was run up
for rookie of the year.
had the best % in Field Goals last year.

That makes no Sense to me

If Buono thinks he's getting any Hamilton player better than maybe a Sandy Beveridge for Pikula, he's insane.

And Radelein is worth more than a second-string Canadian kicker, if anyone thinks that trade is possible.

Even though Setta is an import, it would be nuts to trade this guy. He is money in the bank game after game and has many, many years ahead of him.

Nick directly contributes to points and I can remember many games where if it were not for his multiple field goals, we would not have gotten double digits in scoring (we averaged just over 17/game last year). A Setta field goal could easily mean the difference between winning and losing in a lot of games.

Once again, I am totally against letting a proven player with a bright future get away from us (see Armour thread). Especially when we had so few strong players last year.

Haven't we freed up a typical import spot at the RB position thanks to Jesse ? So then why does everybody view it at being wasted on the typical non import spot of the kicker . if anything we would have the same ratio as everyone else but with the best players available at those spots ! Setta is class and a keeper

With larger rosters (40 as opposed to 37 about 10-15 years agao) and 3 "designated imports", using an import spot for your kicker isn't as big a deal as it used to be. If you've got a guy like Setta, you keep him. As a DI, he's only taking the roster spot of a backup/special teams import anyway.