Pikula back in the Den

So Wally went and got Rob Pikula back in exchange for Clovis. I am guessing that he brought him in to push McCallum in Camp this year, but what happens if Paul come out of camp on top. Are we going to waste a roster spot on a kicker who isn't going to play? Or is Wally thinking of sending McCallum packing, he is getting up in years. What about the junior kicker Sean Whyte, does anyone know how his development has been coming along?

Good move by Buono. His trades usually involve minor players that he can afford to lose because of excess depth. When Pikula was in BC, he performed admirably. At Winnipeg and surrounded by inferior special teams, Pikula underperformed. But Pikula is young and has much upside potential. Good backup insurance.

Perhap Pikula and McCallum will share the duties to start the season?

Competition is always good!