Pigskin Pete

We may have our answer for the sudden resignation of Pigskin Pete. Apparently CHCH reported that Domestic Violence charges have been laid against him this morning.

Yes, a sad report this morning on CHCH.

You could tell the beautiful Lesley wasn’t happy to report that story.

Just saw the report myself on CHCH . It would definitely explain why there was nary a mention or tribute to him on the Jumbo-tron at the Calgary game immediately after the announcement that he was stepping down from the position . Both my son and me thought something was amiss when the video tribute in the 3rd quarter of that game showed the late “great” Paul Weiler leading the cheers for the sides and didn’t even mention or acknowledge Dan Black’s contributions whatsoever . It would also probably explain why the Pigskin thread that had quite a bunch of speculation and pondering posted in it was shutdown and subsequently locked by the Mods .


Does this mean we no longer have to respect his privacy?

Let’s respect the family’s privacy. Most of us have moments in which we are down for various reasons. If you can, offer a hand to help them up!

He did post his update. Guess there’s not much more to say.

His update was him saying essentially that they were correctly reporting that he was charged??..

Why even post that, even if and when the charges are withdrawn it did happen that you were charged

Dan should stay off social media.

  1. Yes bobo, myself and a couple of other posters on here stated that something was amiss
    regarding this whole story originally when the TiCats failed to even mention Dan or acknowledge
    him for his years of service !!

I stated that there was more to this story than was being reported ( as any intelligent person
could see) !!

The mods (guelphguy) took immediate offence with me and some other posters and accussed us
of speculation !! LOL They then removed my and others comments and then locked the topic !!

These mods owe us an apology over this whole episode, and if not then this whole topic should

be locked immediately !!!

Now that the sad facts of the situation are out you’re no longer speculating, you’re gloating. How someone could be so delighted with themselves over such disappointing news is beyond me. Guelphcatsfan

Valid points Tipper. As you state it was obvious something was amiss. I hope the mod wasn’t directed to lock down the thread by TC management. Perhaps he can weigh in. I’m ok if they did provided they state that up front…doing nothing leads to “speculation.”

I think it wise to avoid speculation before the full story can be told. But that’s no fun is it?

Kind of a bummer to hear this news on the day of a highly anticipated match. :-[

What does any of this have to do with the team?

A team employee or representative is no longer with the team. Now we know why. He resigned his position because he needed to be with his family to take care of this. According to his post he is not appearing in court today and the charge that originally filed is going to be dropped.
The team clearly has no comment.

Anything else certainly is speculation on someone's personal life and really has nothing to do with the spirit of these forums. He's not a player, it has no impact or bearing on this team's ability to win the Grey Cup.

What else is there to discuss/debate on this topic? Of course we were all curious originally, now we know. If anything its LESS of a story now.

Why would anyone feel so entitled as to expect that this should be discussed on a team forum? if you want to post speculations on what happened, go to your own Twitter or Facebook.

Crash, I agree with you entirely.

You are both correct. The thread came alive as to how the team handled the matter imho.

Its done. Are you ready for some football?

While I agree that speculating about his personal life serves no purpose, to say that it has nothing to do with the spirit of this forum is a very callous response. Dan was a fellow Ti-cat brother and ambassador for the team. Most empathetic people will not just brush off his plight or predicament simply because he doesn’t sack a quarterback.

Geez Crash, what did Art Briles have to do with the team??..that guy never made it here and there was probably a 10 page thread, or more.

Dan was an ambassador to the team. Therefore it’s relevant to these boards.

But with that…he’s gone. Moving forward.

It is really none of our business,
Nothing to see here, move on.

Agreed. Now we know why the team acted or reacted the way they did. Their lack of response at the time is what lead to the “speculation”. So now we know. Time to wish him and his wife best wishes and move on.