Pigskin Pete

Here's a comment posted to TSN.ca

"I have one question for hamilton fans. for years now Pig Skin Pete has been a icon in Steeltown. How did you manage to screw that up with this new guy? he is a complete joke."

Having never seen him in action, what's the beef with the new guy?

Dan has done a Good Job
He once said no will Replace Paul Weiller who was last Pete.
You understand Things change I am proud of Dan Pigskin Pete Black.

He sucks compared 2 the old Pigskin Pete but most would.
I grew up thinking that IS Pigskin Pete-He has big shoes 2 fill.
But , yeah he could be better......

I think the "new" Pigskin Pete" does a wonderful job. He is energetic, enthusiastic, and adds a great deal of energy to the role. Like everything else, the character has evolved into a completely different role.

Whenever anyone replaces an icon the comparisons are inevitable. Is the new guy good? Yes. Is he the same as the old Pete? No. Nostalgia will always reign supreme. Everything was always better before. Everything new always sucks. That's how most people think. Seriously though, all the guys does is lead a cheer. If he can say the words, he's doing his job.

P.S. New Pete is also really friendly. I met him at the Hamilton-Toronto game in Toronto last year, and he had no problem doing an Oskee Wee Wee cheer with me in the concourse of the SkyDome. It was only the two of us, but he didn't care. Cool dude as far as I am concerned.

WOW some people just complain I think cause thier Lives are to borroring.
Dan has done a GREAT job and is a GREAT guy to be doing this!
I see NO problem with him, he gets the crowd going, and he just got the record for the most fans on a field in 1 time doing the Oskee Wee Wee!
For those that differ, lets see you next game getting up and getting your section to do the chant!
Enough with the negative stuff already!!

As adults we remember our childhood and those that influenced us. We remember "our" Pigskin Pete and our children will remember "theirs"

Big shoes to fill indeed, so lets allow him the time to fill those shoes.

His tireless efforts are amazing.

:thup: :thup:

I met the “new” Pete in his other job. I was embarrassed that I didn’t recognize him. He sure seemed to “recognize” me by my Ticat jacket though. I think that when he ultimately “hangs them up” and turns over his bowler to the next generation, there will be fans complaining about that new Pete as well. Complaining just seems to be second nature to some.


The new Pete is great and the fanbase will take to him with time just like Petes of old...

His enthusiasm and energy are awesome and what he's added to the role will be saught after in any replacement when he retires in 40 years.

He's a pretty intense version of "Pete".

But, he is energetic and is getting better.

He'll be fine...and around for a long time I'm sure.

Give him about 30 more years and 30 more pounds, and he will be just fine!

The new Pete is great,I especially liked how he stood up for the Box J boys last game.

:thup: :thup:

Could not agree more. Some times I think some people want the Cats and the CFL to just 'stay in its glory days' and not change anything. Newsflash: that's how you lost a generation of fans to the NFL. The new Pigskin Pete does an awesome job. He puts all his hart in to it. Sometimes I get tired or dizzy just watching him go. Last year a buddy of mine who does not watch the CFL caught a glimpse Pigskin crowd surfing on TSN. He called me up and was like " Damn, you guys know how to party down there!". He's coming out with me to the Aug 7th game all the way from the Danforth. The team, the league and the sport need to evolve. Sorry but thats the truth, you either evolve or you become extinct.

Wasn't the guy who got rid of the old pete the same guy who tried to get rid of argos suck?that is right St.Bob of raliegh-durhan.

The new Pete does a fine job. Approachable and full of fun.
Different from the one before him but that's to be expected. Paul Weiler was unique.

"GOT RID OF"????? Get a life...really! Paul just plain retired...it was getting too much for him at his age! You do realise that Pigskin Pete is all over the stadium and makes countless personal appearances...for What???? a free ticket to the game???

Give your head a shake!

To be frank...the new Pigskin Pete is fantastic. He is great with the kids too and he will grow with them. I hope that we are able to keep the one we have now for many, many years.

AND...in the heat...I'll bet he loses 10 pounds in sweat each game. Same goes for the mascots! Cheer them on!

I like the new Pig Skin Pete he does get a little hot though at the Argo game last year in toronto Jason the Argo mascot knocked his hat off and Pig Skin looked like he was going to punch him out.Ithink he should shave the top of his head so he can get that male pattern baldness look and he will look like all the rest of Pig Skins. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I think the new Pigskn Pete is great. Last night, he was very enthusiastic and funny, and extremely friendly with everyone. He obviously loves doing it.

I have no idea why anyone would complain about this guy...other than the fact that they hate all things Ticats.

Quick history lesson jp retired in2006 there was nopigskin pete in 2007 at the behest of St. Bob of raliegh durham the same man who attempted to end the once forbidden chant.

The new pigskin pete is too young for the role, even though he does a good enough job on the basic level (i.e. leading the cheer). I would have much preferred an older man to do the job. I also hope that this guy doesn't do this for 30 years. It should be moved to a new person every 4-5 years in my opinion.

But more importantly, what the heck happened to the TC mascot? We always had TC, then Bob brought in Stripes. And people complained about TC getting the cold shoulder. And so for awhile there we had TC AND Stripes. Now it's just Stripes. What happened? Can anyone explain this monstrosity?