Pigskin Pete

The Guy still likes to start a cheer when we have the Ball ...What is wrong with that guy ?..

If the cats want to make the fans feverish for football, why are they not pushing the cheering buttons more (with pig skin and the cheerleaders working the crowd)encouraging the defence. The announcer does the same thing, he starts cheering for the offence when things are going well.Lets use the 13th player right from the first game on.Tequila

I have no problem with Pigskin leading a cheer, my problem is that he does it as we step up to the ball ... The Dude is not a thinker ...

Jamie Farr caused us an offside call today. Early in the 2nd Quarter, we're in the Bummer end of the field and Glenn is at the line calling signals.

Farr is rambling on the P.A. system while the ball is snapped.


I agree with the comments about Pigskin. He's always done it.

Couldn't agree more about Jamie Farr. He was talking right up to the snap of the ball for both sides all day today. It was getting really annoying and distracting. I can't see how the players would not be distracted by this. I suppose he should be considered a veteran announcer by now. You think the guy would know better...
I have never experienced this at any other CFL or NFL game.
I can't see it going on forever, someone eventually from the football side of the organization will say something to him.



Your PA announcer is Klinger from MASH :o


Is there anyway that radio or tv station that is well versed in announcing can be piped through the p.a system could be employed?( knowledgeable calls.) I think the child yelling" ti cats" although well meaning was unusual.

8) I take it that you are referring to JASON Farr, the announcer, not Jamie Farr, the actor !!! :lol: :roll:

Dan "Pigskin Peet " Black is okay in my Books
This only His 3rd Season
How long did Paul do The Job

As for our Announcer There are better ones out there

Too predictable for Tipper to pickup on the misnomer..."Jamie Farr"!!