PigSkin Pete Retires

Just got a tiger cat insider email and it seems Pig Skin Pete will retire after this season. I would like to be the first to wish him well and say it won't be the same with out you. even if someone steps in to be the next Pig Skin It won't be the same Oski Wee Wee i am used too.

goodluck and Happy retirement.

you cant replace a icon and legend with the hamilton ticats , come up with something new

Agreed. It’s not a Ti-Cat home game without a Pigskin Pete leading Oski Wee Wees.

We should have a new one, even though it won’t be the ame without Mr. Weiler.

Thanks for so many wonderful years of a Hamilton tradition and thanks for introducing my sons to the famous cheer!

yes you can.

he's the 3rd pigskin pete.

so it's been done before.

IIRC, the current Pigskin Pete took over form his father.

I think if we get a new Pigskin Pete, the old one should select him for us.... hopefully one of his relatives.

I would do it ..

Paul is Wounderfull Person...
It would be Hard to Replace a Hamilton Icon.
After Meeting Paul and His Wife I was even More Impressed them.

I Wish Paul and His Wife Many more Happy years.

Pigskin Pete I and Pigskin Pete II were father and son (Vince Wirtz Sr. and Jr. I believe).
Pigskin Pete III is unrelated.

now dont all slaughter me for this but the chant is kind of weird is it not. You will have to excuse my ignorance but what is it all about anyway. At games i have often heard visitors that are not necessarily football fans ask where did that chant come from and laugh at it. I mean it just dosen't sound that intimadating to me. I am sure some of you fine people can tell me about the tradition of it.

This is probably one of the more useful polls we’ve seen yet…good idea !

Anyways, I voted “yes” as I believe that it is the best way to honour not only Paul Weiler but the past Pigskin Petes before him…keep it going!

And I also agree that Paul should hand pick the next “Pete”.

And one more thing…I think the new guy has to keep the tradition going concerning the “vintage” look (bowler hat, college style jersey and even the fur coat)…some traditions are best un-touched…

Paul Weiler is a hell of a guy and Tiger-Cat fan…

The City of Hamilton should present him with “The Keys to the City” in my opinion for all the great ambassador work he’s done in 31 years.

Oakee Wee Wee to Paul Weiler!! :slight_smile:

Paul can never be replaced. he has been a class act and an even better guy. i wish him all the best and would like to thank him for his years of service to the city and the organization. i think we should have another pigskin pete its part of hamilton and the tiger-cats. maybe bob young can make a contest out of it where the fans have a say in who will take over. anyways thanks Paul for all the memories.

Good post, mikey. I honestly couldn't have said it better myself.

re bb at first it was wiskee wee wee wiskee wa wa- -- may i suggest Mikey be named the new pigskin pete :stuck_out_tongue:

lmao!..Even I wouldn’t vote for me on that one…I’d be horrible at that…

and besides, I just failed my first test…check out how I spelled “Oskee”…gack! :o

mikey!..You’re fired already! :smiley: :twisted:

How about Ron Lancaster as the new Pigskin Pete?

Won't he be looking for a job next year?

C'mon! Just kidding

the article i read said that Paul will be helping select the next PigSkin along with the team Brass. i hope they pick someone who is willing to give a lot of years to the team as Paul has.i would hate to see a different PigSkin every other year

I wanna meet the poeple who voted no...preferably in a nice dark alley :twisted: ...I know a few other people who would be there with me :cowboy:

I voted no!

It’s about time we had a Pigskin Paulette or Pigskin Patricia.

That’s what the cheerleaders are for.

It will be a sad day when Paul retires. I had the opportunity to chat with him and his wife and they are great people. All the best to them.