Pigskin Pete Problem /Suggestion

The new guy is wearing an ordinary jersey and so he blends in with the crowd... hard to spot... hard for him to get attention.

Paul had the old fashioned horizontally striped jersey that was easy to see because it was so distinct even though it was the team's colors.

Promo people.... it's up to you. Make him visible and fun.

Pigksin during the summer had whatever jersey the team the ws wearing during that season. Just like this pigskin has. Last year Paul wore the black home jersey.

LOL… seriously??.. we have stooped to complaining about the jersey Pigskin Pete is wearing???

Look for the bowler hat… I had no problem finding him tonight at all!!

We have never lost since this new guy wore that jersey. Its the lucky jersey. all hail, praise be the lucky jersey. ..............I hope its on ebay.

I don't like the new guy he acts like an Idiot....

You dont buy pigskin pete, the new guy is proabably ok and the kids will like him and he will be NEW ticat. I remember the old ticat......our logo...pete..argos uck, TC, This is the NEW ticats................getcha popcorn.

I'm with you mate ... I didn't see him lead a cheer in the 2nd half ... does he have a curfew perhaps?

He was around In was Up in Sec 8
Box J and all Around The Stadium
He did a Fine job for his 1st Day on the Job.
Give the Kid a Break.

The new Pete's a young guy?
Awwww...I wanted to see another grizzled old guy -- a cigar smokin', north-end factory type!
Guess I'll have to get used to the new guy...

He was born in August of 1975....hardly a "kid"

......congrats on the new "gig" Dan!

If anyone can fill those shoes, it's you.



I wasn't complaining and I have no problems with what I saw of the guy. I would like him helped by making him more visible (by outfit or entourage) until he becomes that well known figure that your eye recognizes before your brain engages. It's more eye training for us- the fans.

The last Pig Skin was great, always a positive role model and team ambassador.

The new guy is trying hard to make the position his, give him some time, some encouragement and I am sure we will all grow to love his way of making us proud to be a Ticat fan.

BUT!!! He has to do one thing first, lose the beer can please, if we want our children knowing him and wanting to be near him, he cannot be walking around the stadium sucking on a beer can. The kids do not need to see this, have the beer in the private areas under the stands please, out of sight of the kids.

Lets go Cats!!!

All the best to the new Pigskin.

I havent seen his routines yet, but its nice that were carrying on the tradition of the man. I couldn`t imagine what it would be like without the chants of " Oskee,wee wee" throughout the games. Now the younger generation will get to love this tradition.

Go Pigskin!!!

I can't remember the last time I DIDN'T see the "old" Pigskin Pete without a beer - usually donated to him by a friendly fan...

The Guy was trying to lead Cheers when the play was on.... He's an Idiot....

I’m new here to the TiCats (from north of Detroit)…if you watch the Detroit Lions, I am the one in the stands with the paperbag over my head…but I think I found a new team in the TiCats…my friend from Hamilton told me about the chant Oskee wee wee and I used it througout the Stanley Cup playoffs…I hope I didn’t over use it and left some good luck for the Cat this year…Go Cats…

Best Chant in all of Sports....

Hey it worked didn't it....

Maybe we it should just be called a "rookie" mistake.......give the poor guy a chance.
How effective were on your first day on the job?
.....assuming you have one.

I beg to differ. Whiskey Wee Wee! is a great one but its a close second to a another chant.