Pigskin Pete Moonlighting

With the Cats eliminated… Olivia Bacon

With the Cats eliminated, Pigskin Pete reffed a wrestling match tonite at a Hamilton Pro Wrestling event. But I don’t know how to share a video clip that was sent to me.

My daughter, who went (?!?!) says,
"He led the TiCats chant when he came out, of course.

For every other match, the audience will sometimes yell at the ref… for this one, not a single boo or insult, and when one of the wrestlers shoved him in frustration, the entire place protested. This Hamilton culture is really wild. :rofl:

Aaaand the match ended with Pigskin Pete bodyslamming the champion of the bout, because of course it did :rofl::rofl:"


Too bad that “champion” wasn’t Ouelette… lol

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