"Pigskin Pete" goes Hollywood

[url=http://www.sachem.ca/news/mount-hope-resident-cheers-on-the-ti-cats-alongside-tom-hanks-martin-short/]http://www.sachem.ca/news/mount-hope-re ... tin-short/[/url]

Great article.

Martin Short who is a great life-long Tiger-Cat fan being a native Hamiltonian, and his friend Tom Hanks, were terrific sports and great ambassadors of the CFL. They just came to watch the Ticats win the Grey Cup, but participated in a couple of TSN interviews and several in stadium activities with fans, including this picture with Pigskin.

My only complaint (besides the Ticats not actually winning the Grey Cup) was they were seated on the far side of the stadium and I never did get the chance to thank them for coming to the game.

I watched Hanks and Martin in each interview and found them to be both humble and supportive Ticat fans. To think
that a guy like Tome Hanks with the fame and history behind him would go to an uncovered stadium on a cold winter
day to support our football team was most thrilling.

Caretaker: Don't worry about not getting an opportunity to thank these famous stars for coming to the game featuring
their favourite team, I think you did that quite well in your post.

WTG Pigskin Pete...and nice of the newspaper to do a story and include the pic :thup:

A couple years back, there was a bunch of us SOB's that got together in Las Vegas in the off-season. Around 3 in the morning down in Gliter Gulch, a fellow walked up to the bunch and said, "are you guys football players from Canada"? To which was replied, "naw just a bunch of fans that got together for hellry. He said, "I love your game...I've seen a few games up there".

Are you Jack Nicholson? "Yea, I was just out for a walk and I saw your jerseys and had to ask". He stuck around for a few minutes and chatted...took a picture or two with the bunch. :wink:

So could he "handle the truth", or was it "here's Johnny" from Jack? :lol: