Pigskin Pete Flashback

I’m basking in the glow of a hard fought victory yesterday. Purusing the forums…I see an article posted about the ‘new’ Pigskin Pete…My mind has a horrific thought…what if Onknight was selected (anyone remember his audition tape)?

Goes to show, sometimes the organization DOES make the right decisions…from the ‘two qb system’ (which never was a two QB system, just a coach getting playing time for his back up in games that didn’t effect the outcome)…to getting JJ in the lineup at the expense of Baggs (I for one am happy that JJ got in there).

No one from that Contest was Picked ... :lol:
That contest was a Joke They picked right guy in Dan Black..
Black was Stripes a few years ago ..

Also I had Been pick I would Resigned after this Season.

Say what!?!?!

Beat me to it, Blogskee. I want to see this audition tape.

Sorry guys..I looked. I can find a lot of references to the contest and how it was a bit of a farce...but I can't find the actually auditions. The one link I found had them posted on Page Not Found | Lulu but that leads to no where now....

I'm sure you can still find it on youtube