Pigskin Pete (Dan Black) Resigns

All the best to Dan and his family. You can talk about football players having to step up to replace past stars that have left, I didn’t think there was any way that I would warm up to Dan as the new Pigskin Pete 10 years ago but he has been beyond awesome in his job. He will sadly be missed as a part of the Steeltown gameday experience!

Agreed. All the best to “Pete” and his family.

You may be a gaffer but you aren't senescent. Your words of approbation to this comparative dandiprat, this mere stripling of threescore and three, are no small beer!

And the best to Dan. I was one who had fun in “the contest” a decade ago but was glad I didn’t win due to the commitment. I would have turned it down.

He did the job in his way and carried the load. He deserves thanks and recognition.

& All the best from your Ti-Cat Family

Thanks to Dan for 10 great years! That’s a serious commitment.

One think I liked about Dan is that he was such an average guy, not in great shape, but he gave 100% at the games. Hopefully the next Pete is cut from the same cloth.

Did somebody say “concessions”?

He most definitely is/was just an average guy. Whenever he was climbing the stairs in our section (sweating his arse off), he would justreach out andshake hands, high-five people, and pose for photos with kids. ALWAYS asked how you were doing.

I had the chance to meet him on Labour Day, and then spend some time chatting with him in person over this past weekend. Same guy...just without the Ticat gear. Definitely going to miss seeing him, and hope everything is alright!

OK this Pat is up for the job - but don’t think that I’m very androgynous looking - lol

Here is what most of us read:

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah BEER! ;D

I have to go all Sheldon Cooper on this naming thing: ‘Pigskin Pete’ as long as I can remember, ‘Pigskin Pete’ it must remain. :slight_smile:


I nominate Peter Dyakowski, Who could be better! :wink:

Speaking of language - I don't think I've ever mentioned that I think it's funny how you often vary your sign-off line to match the context of your posts.

Kind of put that in for you guys. ;D

Odd. According to Bubba, players, coaches and management had no comment on his resignation. Does not sound good. Leads to lots of speculations when the team reacts like that.

It is his wishes for privacy and respect, the team has reacted to his wishes by honouring his privacy.


But no nice words, no positive comments about his contributions to the game day experience

I think anyone who chooses to “speculate” about a real person online, with no factual basis for doing so, should at least attach their own real name to said speculation.

You're right "ExPat" LOL