Pigskin Pete (Dan Black) Resigns

Hamilton Tiger-Cats?

The Tiger-Cats will be looking for a new Pigskin Pete to carry on the Oskee Wee Wee tradition.

Dan Black, Pigskin Pete for the past 10 seasons, has resigned.
1:15 PM - 11 Sep 2018

It just occurred to me, Saturday may have NO cheerleaders and NO Pigskin Pete.

Let me get this straight first off we have NO CHEERLEADERS and now no PIGSKIN ,this ! Oh boy this is the shits

Odd, halfway through the season? Although in hindsight, he has not been circulating around the stadium as much lately as in previous seasons. Hope it is not a health issue.

Whats the scoop? Mid-season?

Seems pretty clear it's family related. Hope everything will be ok.


Its a physically demanding job, I hate climbing the stairs just to get to my seat. I can’t imagine the up and down he has to do through-out the game.

:frowning: That sounds a little ominous. Hopefully there is no terminal illness or something to that affect. Best wishes to Dan and his family.

Dan has done a great job. Whatever the main reason is, I wish him and his family well.

Now that we have a mixed “Performance Team” instead of the traditional cheerleaders, I wonder if management is re-evaluating the need for a Pigskin Pete.

mycko75's original post contained a tweet from the team saying:

The Tiger-Cats will be looking for a new Pigskin Pete to carry on the Oskee Wee Wee tradition.

Pigskin Phyllis it's the progressive thing to do

Yes, it does seem family related.


I was going to suggest Pigskin Patti or an androgynous Pigskin Pat…

Pigskin Petunia was right there…

Patti .dammit shoulda used Patti

Lol @ Pat

Pigskin Petra would be the eqivalent cognomen, I believe. ?

Dan has been a great ambassador for the team.
Hope everything is well with him and his family. Very disappointed to lose him from game day.

Seconded. Thirded too if possible.

Hope whatever it is that’s made him decide to resign so abruptly ends up having a happy ending.

He is asking for privacy for himself and his family, according to his statement. Let’s do our best to give it to them, eh.

You gotta love this site ! The thoughts and vocabulary , e.g. cognomen , are like doing the New York Times crossword. Mark, you are the man !

Pat Lynch (the old guy who needs more pellucid prose in his toolbox)

...and NO good food at the concessions. Ya gotta love game days at Tim Hortons Field. Thank God I go there to WATCH my favourite football team play.