Pigskin Pete added to the Wall of Fame/Honour?

I'm curious to know what the requirements are to have your name placed on the Wall of Fame/Honour?

Reason being is I would like to add "Pigskin Pete" to the wall and have the names of those who donned the bowler added below the name.

Paul was Pigskin Pete for 31 years and I feel that this would be a tribute to those men who led the cheer to keep us fans involved with the game, regardless of the record and weather.

Let me know your thoughts.

all pigskin petes (3)are on the cats claws walk of fame outside on the north stand wall, hopefully the cats will do the same

I don’t like the idea of adding Pigskin Pete to the wall of honour. I have the greatest admiration for him, so please don’t take this the wrong way.

The wall of honour (I feel) should be reserved for players,coaches and managers only.

I would agree with the idea of permanently honouring Vince and Bill Wertz along with
Paul in some other way.

I’ve also heard suggestions of putting Paul in the Hall of Fame in the “Builder’s” category. I would have to disagree with this as well.

A mascot’s purpose is to cheer and attempt to whip the fans into a frenzy in support of the home team, nothing more.

Paul’s importance exists in Hamilton only, not accross the CFL.

I’d like to see plaques put up under the north and south stands honouring these men.

We’ll miss our pal Paul:


Put a bronzed Pigskin Pete statue somewhere, now thats how you memorialize a great mascott.

Nah. No need. he was already honoured appropariately.

Besides, what better honour is there than the continuation of Pigskin Pete?