Pigskin or No Pigskin?

The organization has said that there will be no Pigskin Pete this year. I don't think you can take a year off from a tradition and keep it strong. We've had Pete every year for 80 years. He focuses us so that we can intimidate the other team and energize ourselves.

How do you feel about it?

Here is my suggestion. I, too, believe there should be a Pigskin Pete. (Actually, I thought the guy at the exhibition game was pretty darn good).

Instead of waiting for the organisation to annoint a new Pete, anybody who is REALLY interested could just "assume" the role. I mean, there is nothing stopping anybody from donning a Pigskin Pete jersey and walking up and down the aisles leading the fans in the Oskee Wee Wee battle cry, right?

(Of course, that means that this year we may have several Petes - but in the end there will be only one person who stands out above the rest and gets annointed by the fans!)

Er, yeah. Intimidate with Pigskin Pete? Look, he's a nice guy and all...but intimdating? C'mon...

yes we need onebut the right one. do you really want to be stuck with this?

bluto wrote: Er, yeah. Intimidate with Pigskin Pete? Look, he's a nice guy and all...but intimdating? C'mon...
It's the thousands of voices doing the cheer together that can intimidate the other team. It's Pete that makes that happen.

cute that you think so. :thup:

I would rather have a couple of these guys, then some celeb who just kinda showed up at the game and may or may not be a Tiger Cat fan or CFL for that matter.
The fact that the team managment sat on their butts on this is not the fans fault. From the time the new owner was in, they have been looking to a way to eliminate Pigskin, or anything else that has anything to do with the past. aka TC lesser role ( It was the TC Kids Club ) and a few other things that I won't mention.

I probably qualify as a lifer, Hamilton born and raised, and I get misty-eyed at anything that even remotely smells of tradition, but I could not care less whether they replace Pete with some swell new Jody, Tyler or Dakota.

Pigskin Pete retired. The Oski Wee Wee cheer remains.

If they find a new Pete someday, good on 'em. If not, don't just fill the suit for the sake of filling the suit. I can wait.

The idea of just picking someone out of the stands each game to lead the cheer works for me. The idea of picking a string of retread Canadian Idol-wannabe "celebs" doesn't.

I voted "It doesn't matter", in case you wondered. another perspective.

I voted yes as well. Being one of the candidates who submitted (the Herbie Guy), I felt disappointed that Pigskin was not kept alive. I still feel Herbie (or a substitute celebration car) would be a great addition, not like the stupid helmet car the Argos have.
Oskeeweewee brothers and sisters

get the hardcore fans out there like

  • the old lady in the tiger costume
  • box J boys
  • the annoying guy with the loud speaker
  • the drunk guy at the end of the 3rd quarter
  • the little kid at thier first game
  • even you

It dosen't matter who dose it as long as they do it with the same passion that PIGSKIN PETE has always done


There ya go!

(I've been waiting for this Donny guy to say something - anything - I could agree with for five days. :wink:)

Hey Donny, if you're who I thinks you is, you'd be a good choice for Pete of the Day.

Great Idea! I love the picking from the fans!

Just remember that - traditionally - Pigskin doesn't just do a single cheer at the beginning. He circulates throughout the stadium leading cheers. It's this aspect that's lost under the current plan.

Pete hadn't made much of an impact in section 8 in years. My "big deal" attitude might be different if I sat somewhere where he actually made a showing now and then. All we get up top is football, great city views, crazy Dan the snack vendor and the occassional beer sherpa.

Here is an article titled "Where's the new Pigskin Pete?" posted by Perry Lefko today on sportsnet.ca:

"Where's the new Pigskin Pete?
It is a tradition in Hamilton for a guy to dress up in a sweater with the colours of a bee and wear a bowler hat and instruct the faithful supporters of the beloved Ticats to chant, "Oskee-wee-wee, Oskee-wa-wa, Holy Mackinaw, Tigers, Eat 'em raw."

For the past 31 years Paul Weiler dressed up in said costume and orchestrated the Ticats' supporters in this unique rendition during games at Ivor Wynne Stadium. He also did it at baptisms, weddings, retirement parties, funerals, etc. People in the Steel City used this chant as a rallying call of sorts, something Weiler embraced with passion and reverence. In turn, he became a folk hero.

He was the third person in franchise history to do it, but it was announced last year that the latest Pete was retiring. He would now be sitting in the stands -- in normal attire -- while his replacement stood on the sidelines doing the rendition.

But the search for the next Pigskin Pete, which was to begin upon the completion of the 2006 season, is still underway.

Is it really that hard to find someone to do the job? Shouldn't a replacement be unveiled this Saturday at the Ticats' home opener?

Apparently not.

"We're still searching," Tiger-Cats' Scott McNaughton told me this week. "At every game this season, the spirit of Pigskin Pete will live on via three Oskee-wee-wees at Ivor Wynne Stadium -- one by a kid, one by a fan and one by a celebrity."

It's a different idea, spreading the Pigskin around, so to speak. But we want more of a regular Pete or even a Patricia, if you will.

According to a story on the Ticats' website, the people chosen to do the Pigskin Pete rendition will come through a series of contests with the team's media partners. Should it now be called Partnership Pete? Have the Tiger-Cats sold out? Inquiring minds want to know.

"We are not killing off Pigskin Pete," said Ticats' first-year president Scott Mitchell on the team's website. "It is far too important of a role to even consider such a thing. We are going to get input and insight from our fan-base at Ticats.ca all season long and make sure that the legacy of Pigskin Pete lives on for years to come. In the meantime, this season we are going to use the chant to represent the fans as the thirteenth man.

"Oskee-wee-wee will always continue to be a significant part of our fans experience. This year it's essential that we turn Ivor Wynne Stadium back into a tough place to play for the opposition. Everything we're doing -- on and off the field -- will represent that. Imagine 29,600 Ticats fans participating in the oskee-wee-wee chant in unison!"

Weren't the fans already doing that with the former hog-caller, er, Pigskin? Oh, well, I guess nothing stays the same -- for Pete's sake."