Pig Skin Pete Contest

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so Come one out and Vote for someone..

Or it Wish to Join in Hut to be The Next Pigskin Pete


What a great contest...your video is the best...so far.

For anyone else interested in joining the contest but may not have the technology needed to enter, you're in luck!

The Ticats will set up a camera during Saturday's End-of-the-year Merchandise Sale at Ivor Wynne Stadium from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM , where Ticats fans can give us their best Oskee-Wee-Wee. The videos will then be uploaded on to the official contest site where the good people at Ticats.ca will vote on your version.

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Thanks ..
I Only Hope to be as good as past Pigskin Petes If I win.

I don't see anywhere to vote on these videos....??

My 2 favs so far...

Tom Riddell and Russ Jodway.

Both are very enthusiastic!

Good luck gentlemen...let the better Oskee-wee-weer win