Pig Latin message re: Riders / Esks game!!!!!!!!!!!

Ethay Idersray illway ammerhay Edmondchuckway ecausebay ethay Edmondchuckway ecausebay ethay Eskimosway areway ailingfay astfay.

Idersray uleray
Esksway ooldray

Riders Rule
Eskimos Drool

:D ...me thinks thats turkey latin not pig...

methinks thinks thats turkey hadda lost his fucking mind

I thought my topics were mad.

One crazy guy for every team I suppose.

Is there a special rule in Pig latin for when the starts with a vowel?

I never knew how to do that as a kid, and even reading it was tough. I don't know how people could possibly speak like that and understand what they're saying.

All it is is taking the first letter, placing it at the end and adding ay to it. So
football becomes ootballfay

Ya right Turkey!

Emay inkthay enderbay ashay eenbay toinay ethay ildway urkeytay ainagay.


Living in america, I have trouble understanding my local convenience store owner :lol:

After my argos kick your guys buts next week.They will all be speaking pig latin!!!
7 more days until roasted turkey!!!

Ouch turkey run get out of the country! Hey what about Billy you letting him off the hook!