Piffles Podcast - Another Interview with the Commish

There's a whole lot more in this episode, but check it out. The interview is around the 25 minute mark.

[url=https://soundcloud.com/pifflespod/piffles-podcast-s2e3-conversation-with-the-commish]https://soundcloud.com/pifflespod/piffl ... he-commish[/url]


  • discussing rule changes right now.

  • No open negotiation list right now but discussions have happened

  • More discussions with ESPN to broaden reach

  • Also talks to broadcast into UK and Ireland

  • Planning CFL week as it is 6 weeks away

  • Want an event day when the schedule is released so they are working on it for next year

  • also discussed his award and how he is very proud of recognition. Well deserved.