Pies at TwoColours Game Thread, Fri Aug 15, 7 pm et

Fri August 15
Edmonton at Ottawa
7pm et /4pm pt

I expect a good game with the Ottawa crowd helping to get the home club some momentum to keep it at least close. Chevon Walker is going to have to run wild for the RedBlacks to win. Far easier stated that done.

Oski Wee Wee,


The TSN.ca pre-game preview of tonight's match is at http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=459450 .

Oski Wee Wee,


Well so far not much excitement - 1-0 for the OttRBs (off a missed FG) and who actually just picked off a Reilly pass :o :o and got a good run back with it. Pies not looking too sharp yet. Hank keep overthrowing receivers :oops:

Oh and Murphy and crew keep throwing red flags - of course! :roll:

Hi folks! 4-0 RedBlacks after a Maher FG chip shot, late first quarter.

Missed TD catch for Henry (R) in the end zone but Campbell unsuccessfully challenges PI
Jones (late of the Ticats) fumbles a sure TD just outside the end zone. :oops: FG Maher 4-0 - OttRBs

4-0 Ottawa after one quarter.

There was a combined 85 yds of penalties in the first QUARTER!! 65 by the Esks!! :oops: Looks like they spent too much time vacationing in the capital :lol:

Huge PU by Miles for the OttRBs!

Maher with another chip shot 7-1 for the OttRBs. Wonder when the Pies plan to show up?

Edmonton scores a rouge, which is followed by an Ottawa FG. 7-1 RedBlacks, second quarter.

Matt Carter with a GREAT snag!

Pies seemed to wake up to put a drive together but Reilly sacked for a second time on 2nd down and they settle for a FG
7-4 OttRBs.

And almost with another one in the end zone flag on the play and a sack on Hank stalls the drive.

8-4 Ottawa after another rouge. This is not an offensive masterpiece by either squad.

The Rod Black Drinking Game – new rule, August 15, 2014:

If Rod Black says that someone who achieves something makes an accolade, drink 10.

Here’s to you, Henry Burris. LMAO

Well at least Hank and his receivers are now connecting. But yeah the Pies don't look as dominant as one would expect.

A long FG attempt by Shaw is wide and returned out of the end zone to end the half. 8-4 Ottawa at halftime.

Shaw misses a FG and the OttRBs run it out to end the half. Fewer red flags at least in the second frame.

Just joined the game. 8-4?

Defensive struggle?
Massive ineptitude?
Zebra power trips?

BIG FUMBLE by Edmonton! Ottawa gains it back deep in their zone.

Burris escapes a pick-six because he was horse collared. Crazy stuff!