Pies at Sweetness & Light Game Thread, Sat Sept 20, 7 pm et

Sat September 20
Edmonton at Hamilton

This is a huge game for both teams. Hamilton needs to maintain its pace at the top of the East, while Edmonton has to keep up with their rivals in the West. Home field advantage has been kind to the Cats since moving into THF, so the first night game for the club will be another step in solidifying that, hopefully!

Oski Wee Wee,


It looks like we are going to have a repeat of the Labour Day game wind wise - if these winds keep up. Steady strong winds coming mainly from the south - just like Labour Day.

Looking at the future radar feature on weather websites - 50/50 if we get wet.

40% chance of showers, wind SW @25-30. What else for an Edmonton game.
After 11 70% chance of thumper bumper

hourly forecast calling for showers at 9pm flundershowers at 10pm, but it will be windy all game...hopefully most of the rain stays away until after the game :thup:

Heading out now ( to come to game), going to be a very tough challenge. Scary when you see Edmonton practicing at sheratonm tells us they are taking this game very serious.

Go cats go!!!

Sound on the east side should be better tonight than it was on Sunday:

steve milton
?@miltonatthespec #THF sound system much better today. Last week speaker some wires on east side had been accidentally severed. #CFL #Ticats #Esks


Loud and Proud- THF THE 13TH MAN :rockin:

Hey lets not turn this into a bad omen and lose a game because of a last second 'too many men on the field' call :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :cowboy:

I worry about the depleted D-line without Blucke and no Hinkman.
Can we still put pressure on Reilly????

ive been out of the loop but Is Gaydosh starting? Will hickman be in the lineup? Yes I know Hickman is a DE.

  1. Probably. Either Gaydosh or Atkinson will start with Laurent not dressing. 2) Hickman will not play.

From the Scratching Post twitter feed - Laurent is out; both Gaydosh and Atkinson are starting. Let's hope that they both bring their A+ game are are a happy surprise. :cowboy: On a positive note, I didn't really notice any drop off after Bulcke was out in the second half last week - but then Laurent was still playing.

I gave up my ticket to a friend who had not seen THF yet - so will be watching on TV. Looks like the start of the game is going to be on TSN2 - soccer running late on TSN.

the Seattle Seahawks NFL call the fans the 12 th man we are the 13 the man in the stands at THF :rockin:

Glad to see CJ Gable is back in the lineup! :thup:

Um.... TSN has soccer. What am I missing?

It is on TSN2 until soccer finishes

Kick off coming up!!


Thanks, Pat. :smiley:

There are some nasty thunderstorms in the Detroit area now moving this way that have caused them to stop the Utah - Michigan game. Hopefully those don't get here until after the game is over.