Pies at Leos Game Thread, Sat. June 28, 6 pm et

Sat, 28 Jun 2014
Edmonton at B.C.
6:00 PM et/ 3:00 PM pt

We will see how the Chris Jones era kicks off as he takes the Esks to BC Place to face the Lions in Vancouver. This promises to be an interesting encounter to complete the TSN Saturday CFL double bill.

Oski Wee Wee,


Let's Go Reilly! I got a feeling ... and it isn't more cowbell ... It's an Edmonton upset @ BC Place over the Lions!

Shrewd move to by Wally to get Glenn..... it keeps BC a contender


BC is up 7-0 already....lol

Andrew Harris is a rocket! Wow! 7-0 as Glenn gets a quick one!

What a pick by Eddie Steele off Kevin Glenn!

What a chuck and snag by Glenn and Jackson!!

Glenn with his 2nd TD toss of the game so far… Player with the catch

Mike Reilly has a fresh coat of paint on his road markings I see. Ugh. Painful to watch this guy get clobbered again and again!

These are two good teams. Fun game to watch.

Reilly is a hell of an athlete. One of my favorite non-Ticats in the CFL.

It is crunch time. Three-minute warning given, Esks are up by 7. Great game thus far!

The fourth pick of Kevin Glenn is likely the killer. Esks with the ball, 1:08 left.

The Lions cough up the ball again...Esks close it out, 27-20 final.

Four interceptions from KG. Stefan Logan, the most explosive player on the field, with four touches on offense.

This is exactly why I picked B.C. to finish fourth in the west. Khari Jones is an awful offensive coordinator.

I agree that Logan was underused. I picked him in the TSN fantasy football pool this week, thinking he would be a bigger part of the offence.

Glenn is an interception king when it really counts.

Got to like Chris Jones' coaching style. He gambled several times because he wants to do everything it takes to win. No "playing it safe," which Kavis Reed did all too often.

Jones called for the gambles, but he had also made his team well prepared to take them. I think that's somewhat unusual for a first game of a season and it was impressive. A win in June is just as valuable as a win in the first week of November.

TSN.ca's wrap on the game can be found at http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=455963 . Big win for Edmonton!

Oski Wee Wee,