Pies at Larks Game Thread, Fri Aug 8, 7 pm et

Fri August 8
Edmonton at Montreal
7pm et/4pm pt

The Larks are on the ropes. Can Reilly and company put the Als down? I definitely think it's likely, going by current form. We shall see!

Oski Wee Wee,


Larks don't have a wing or a prayer - :oops: :lol: Esks are better than the Argos.

Tom Higgins's rather pointed criticism of Chad Johnson's receiving production to date can be found at http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=458917 . There is more to this than what Johnson himself is doing or not doing, but the "find a fall guy" syndrome may be setting in Montreal unless things change for the better in a hurry...

Oski Wee Wee,


Seriously, they’re blaming a WR? Too much lol

I'm guessing game should be a snoozefest. Definitely backing EDM on this one. No Brainer I know.

http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=458971 << TSN.ca has its preview of tonight's tilt here.

Oski Wee Wee,


Coverage by TSN starts at the top of the clock. :slight_smile:

Just put the game on...it is 7-0 Esks already!

Shaw makes it 10-1 Esks after a FG. The Als need to show something offensively!

Silly suplex effort by Watkins on Whyte causes a first down when a simple stop would have turned over the ball on the run by the punter.

Sean Whyte's leg may fall off tonight. Another two and out.

10-2 Esks after Whyte piles on another rouge.

Watkins with the suplex/DDT on Whyte...

Hi Russ!

Geoff Tisdale with a big pick! Als set up deep in Esk territory


10-5 Als after the Whyte FG.

Als started with a 2 and out and then Reilly put together a short drive in a few plays to score the TD. Whyte kicked a not-so-great 35 yd punt so the Esks started pretty much at mid-field.

Switched over to the Jays game for Mom but when I switched back it was 10-1.

If Als are to have a hope of being in the game let alone winning they may have to do what the Riders did last night and let the D do the scoring. Interception by Tis put 3 on the board for the Larks.

Will be switching back and forth again tonight - at least until the Ticats game starts!

A big Smith-to-Carter play plus a penalty -- 67-yard gain! Nice to make a pro football play. LMAO

The Als keep going offside on offense...ridiculous!

10-8 as Whyte kicks another FG.

The Esks are letting Montreal hang around.

HUGE TD by John White...gashing the Als for a 50+ yard run off a direct snap!

17-8 Edmonton now.

Just switched back from the Jays game in time to see that replay! Jays are doing much better than the Als right now :lol:

Thought Edmonton would destroy Montreal in this one. Eskimos playing some sloppy, undisciplined ball. Jones will be a yeller at halftime.