Pies at Gang Green Game Thread, Sun Oct 19, 4 pm et

Sunday, October 19, 2014
4:00 PM ET
Edmonton at Saskatchewan

As it is my birthday on Sunday, I am not sure if my plans will include watching this game. I think Edmonton is going to be extra motivated as they can clinch second in the West with a win. The Riders are in trouble with inconsistent QB play and they are in danger of being locked into the crossover sweepstakes at best unless they can stop the bleeding. Edmonton is always in tough at Mosaic Stadium, but they are the better team at the moment. I think they will win here.

Oski Wee Wee,


Happy Birthday Russ! Hope you are having (had?) a great day!

Final game of the weekend about to begin and we shall see if the "unretired" Kerry Joseph can be the Green's "saviour"! :smiley:
Personally I think it is a bit of a desperation move but that could just be my intense dislike of the Green! Should be interesting anyway.

I typically hate the Riders but I can't help cheering for them with Joseph in there.

Anyway, something happened that I've never seen before. Edmonton receives a punt, catches it and they throw a lateral back across the field, only the guy was completely covered, and the throw was actually picked off with a pretty good catch from the Rider player.
Edmonton got called on an illegal forward pass to boot.

Question is, if the Sask player didn't catch it, with it being judged to be a forward pass, would it have been considered an incomplete pass and Edmonton's ball? There's no situation where Edmonton can legally throw a forward pass. Surely, it should it should be considered a live ball regardless of whether its legal or not????

Anybody know the answer?

Looks like the green D has decided to make life difficult for Reilly et al including ex Ticat Boudreaux (#96). Making life difficult for Reilly.
Can't fathom how they can call OPI on the EE on a ball that Reilly tosses out of bounds!! :? :roll:

Don’t know the answer to your question but I thought that pick looked like it wasn’t caught without hitting the turf. Was surprised that they let it stand. Was only half watching at that point so didn’t see the whole play, just the tail end.

As for cheering for the Riders - hard for me to do even with Joseph in there. Would love to see them tank and totally miss the playoffs. Their superior attitude (fans) after winning the GC has been hard to stomach all season. some of their fans just assume that as long as they make it to the playoffs, they can win the whole shooting match again! :roll:

Looks like Foxcroft and crew are officiating. Pretty bogus PI call on the EE's Young too - not that the green did anything with it!

3=0 Green at the end of the first quarter and I was incorrect in an previous post - :oops: they did score off that turnover.

Green racking up the yards so far (not that there were that many).

Weird. More posts on this Board than the CFL one. Is that because the Riders and Eskimoes both have their own popular fan boards?

O'Neill (the beard) with the longish FG to even the score early in the 2nd.

Beard goes wide left for a single. 4-3 Pies.

OK I leave the room for about 2-3 minutes just between the green scoring a TD and the convert and return to find that the score is now 13-4 - did I miss something there or did I miss an earlier FG (have to admit that I am just half watching most of the time!)

Looks like Foley is the "sack master" for the green this week.

EE get the second half off to a running start with a kick return by Lawrence for the TD. 13-11 Green

The beard with a 46 yarder to put the EE up by one. 14-13

Joseph picked off by Muamaba (sp?) and the EE on are on march as the third quarter draws to a close. Just saw the weather in Regina - wish I was there! 21 degrees!

Nice scamper into the end zone by Reilly negated unfortunately by a holding call (Rottier) resulting attempts fail so the beard boots his 3rd successful FG to give the EE a 17-13 lead early in the fourth.

Joseph most recently an Eskie before coming back must be forgetting which team he is playing for - he’s tossed more balls to the EE (2 picks) than to the green receivers (1 TD)! :smiley:

Reilly and friends on the move again and are knocking at the door once again - and Reilly scampers in once again with NO flag to call it back. - 24-13 EE after the PAT

It's not weird, it's normal for the Ticat forum. No one else has threads for games where their own team isn't playing but these guys do it all the time. :thup:

John Chick has been non existent the second half of the season ?? :thdn:

Well the green manage a final "gasp" TD" in the waning minutes of the game but the EE run out the clock and hand the greenies another loss. :smiley: Final score 24-19 EE

Absolutely! Foley had three sacks in the first half. Joseph seemed to be good for one half but wasn't the "saviour that many Green fans were hoping for!