Pies at Evil Incarnate Game Thread, Fri Oct 3, 4 pm et

that has to be the worst call I have ever seen.

Kendall lawrence returns a KO to the house for a score....did he step on the sideline or not?

14-7 boatsinkers after the beard

effing rod black......"not even he knows if he stepped out"


:x :thdn: :x

Their favourite call! :roll:

And Lawrence just got a favourable call on his return scamper for the TD! :smiley: EE with 7 on the board!

Lawrence returns the kickoff for a TD...it is being reviewed.

TD stands!

14-7 Toronto now, 6:15 left in the first quarter.

I thought that the Bummers had the worst run defense but EE must be a close second! :thdn:

The Blew have been scoring on every drive - Waters with the FG to put EI up 17-7

Jason Barnes PU 13 yards on Second Down an according to Rod Black, "He was tackled for a loss"

Swayze Waters kicks for posts from 45...Good....

17-7 midshipmen

Waters with a FG to make it 17-7 Evil.

Reilly has ZERO passing yards as we near the end of the first quarter??? :oops: They aren't helping their cause (or ours ) with penalties either. :thdn:

I should ask some true figure skating fans if Rod Black is just as bad of a figure skating play by play guy as he is a CFL play by play guy :lol: :thdn:

THe pies finally get some passing yards…wait, Reilly finds Bowman on second down, Who knew that was going to happen? Not the arblows … :lol:

EE looks like they are finally getting their offense going :thup: - with a little help from a Blew penalty :o

Eskies with 61 yards in penalties so far - 56 of those in the 1st!!! :oops: :oops: Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!!!

And now they let Steel get away with a huge scamper!

Yes their offense is going, but in the wrong direction

Chris Jones defence not earning their keep today so far. . .evil has scored on each possession, haven't had to punt once.

Swayze waters kicks for posts from 47,

20-7 blows

Well THAT was dumb!!! Going for the FG on 3rd and 1 and then having Harris try to get everyone switched over to a passing play resulting in mass confusion and the Blew burning a time out - not that I'm complaining! :smiley:

Well I sure hope that Waters can hit a FG of decent length inside a dome!! :roll:

Evil sure looks like the fresher team

Mike Reilly from 23 yards out takes it in for the score...

20-14 YYZ/YTZ after the beard

GREAT TD scramble by Reilly! 20-14 Evil now.