Pies at Evil Incarnate Game Thread, Fri Oct 3, 4 pm et

Saturday, October 4, 2014
4:00 PM ET
Edmonton at Toronto

Obviously, this game has big implications for both divisional races. In the East, Evil comes off a bye needing a win to keep pace with Montreal and Hamilton. Edmonton is gunning for a wounding Rider team and still has aspirations to overtake Calgary atop the West. This shapes up to be a shootout. I will be rooting for the Esks, but Evil will be tough in the Concrete Convertible. Toronto in a squeaker.

Oski Wee Wee,


Oops on the title there. The game is on Saturday not Friday.

Could be a close one, but i think if Edmonton gets their run game going, it could be a long afternoon for the evil empire. Tough blow with the loss of durie, the way Montreal has been playing lately, it very well could end up being Toronto that's left on the outside looking in. As much as i'd like to see that, i'd love to have a home playoff game with the blew team coming to town. Go get 'em Eskies!!! :rockin:

It will be Halloween four weeks early for the Argos as thousands of Argos fans are going to be disguised as empty blue seats this afternoon. Here the ticket availability four hours before kick-off for the 4:00PM start in Toronto today. Not quite as bad as early in the week - at least it looks to be near 9,000 seats sold now - not just 5,000 or so as it did earlier in the week.

Maybe a decent walk-up will get them close to 13,000 or so. (Meanwhile down the QEW here in Hamilton - an apparent sellout - with no tickets showing available on Ticketmaster


Hi folks! Kickoff is in a few minutes!

As you may have heard, Andre Durie is on the six-game IL with a broken clavicle, so Evil is missing a big piece in their attack.

Surprise! the pre game was not the usual reeky ray love affair

Thank You Lord!

Rod Black is calling the blows game! :thup:

Poor Durie once again..... :thdn:

I do believe that we get Suitor, Cuthbert and Foxcroft as the ref - not bad.

Does Chris Jones think that NO ONE will know that on every second down, he is going to get Reilly to throw deep to Bowman or Stamps?????


Holy Predictable much..... :lol:

Ray to Owens for a 28 yard Try,

7-0 boatsinkers after the waters

Ray to Owens for the TD...Evil is up 7-0.

I was just going to comment on this. sad state of affairs in the big smoke.

Just got a text fro m my friend at the game and he said it may be the smallest crowd he has ever seen at an Argos game. He says the side behind the Edmonton bench is at least 2/3 empty.

Sadly to be expected after Braley cut loose the entire argos marketing team and many people in the front office earlier this year :roll:

Chris Jones is challenging the defensive PI call deep in the Esk end...insufficient evidence to overturn it!

Boatsinkers in the form of Ray & Owens connect on a 14 yard TD strike,

Waters' Swayze makes it 14-0

Wait a minute,

isn't the CFL West the Best?

How could this be happening to the Pies? :expressionless: :?

Owens gets his second TD reception, 14-0 Pigskin Putrescence.

My son was saying last weekend that the Jays, FC and Leafs were all playing (sounded like about or near the same time) and the Gardiner was closed down. Makes trying to get to the games tough.

And the EE don’t appear to want to do us any favours - Blew with good FP again just got another Owens TD. :thdn: :thdn: :x