Pierre Vercheval on RDS explains...

Good ole Pierre (for those who listen to the RDS audio, Pierre is a great analyst). Pierre explained why the Als were stopped at the goal line in last night's game, and he explained how last year, the Als were great on the goalline (remember Edward's many rushing touchdowns last year).

I will try and translate it.

Last year the Als used a "jumbo" package with 2 tight ends and three running backs. 1000 pounds of players blocking in the same direction.

They did not do this last night. Vercheval says that Popp wanted his team to be bigger and stronger, but it did not do this on the goal line... And, that is where a team should be at its biggest and strongest.

Thanks for that, indydan. Great info. And further proof that neither Bellefeuille nor Popp know what they're doing.