Pierre Karl Péladeau acquires the Montreal Alouettes

MONTREAL — The Canadian Football League is pleased to announce the conclusion of a transaction with entrepreneur and businessman Pierre Karl Péladeau, who personally acquired the Montreal Alouettes.

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Glad that this transaction was much faster and quieter than the last sale.

Got the local ownership with deep pockets many wanted to see.

Looking forward to who he hires as president


Guess that revenue sharing was a good idea :wink:

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A few months ago Naylor said the sale of the team now is test of the new business model...which includes RS.

Seems to have passed that one!

They'll need it to launch Halifax too :slight_smile:


Nice national TV Coverage!!! Yes that's sarcasm....

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I would expect him to hire a francophone president regardless of his politics. Public relations in the home market combined with provincial language legislation pretty much guarantee this.

As for players... I'm not as convinced. Constricting his resources in that way would seriously limit his product quality on-field. Businessmen do not become successful by stacking the deck against themselves.

I guess time will tell. I'm hoping for a strong Als franchise to bolster confidence in the league.


Looks to be a good move for the Als and CFL. Deep pocket owner can only be good for the league. PKP! Now let's get that dang 10th team in the East to balance the league out....10 teams, each team plays a home and away (18 games) and off we go!


Good timing for this too. There are still deals to be made before the start of the season and letting your GM prepare by having a chance to reclaim sone talent can only be good,


It’s good to finally see the CFL teams financially sound, now if they could only put butts in the seats.


Peladeau (Alouettes) , Doman (Lions), and Kestenbaum (reportedly 40% of the TiCats)... The League has been able to add some very wealthy owners as of late.

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Good for the team and by extension, the league.

I don't like the guy or his politics but he did great with Videotron. I was a Videotron customer prior to the acquisition and their service, business practices, and customer support were atrocious. All of this has now been fixed.

I'm not a customer anymore but not because of Quebecor or PKP.

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Not one thread on a billionaire purchasing the Montreal Allouettes.

But 10 on favourite movies, favourite car chases etc.

What is going on with this forum???


Missed this one.


Not one but 5 threads.................


it’s called off-season.

anyways i saw a number of Als ownership threads and i even posted in one. also you just made one here.

sounds like new owner is a Doman type of dude. let’s hope he injects some new life into his franchise the way Amar has out here on the west coast.


Threads were posted before the story…it’s off season and it’s fun to chat with these nice people.
Who’s your favourite Bond?
C’mon. I’m sure have one.


Off season banter among friendly fan bases


Time to host another Grey Cup in Montréal. 2008 being the last time?


All depends on the replacement of the Olympic Stadium roof (game would have to be delayed if more than 3 centimetres (1.2 in) of snow are predicted 24 hours in advance) ... or a new stadium with a seating capacity, luxury boxes and facilities that are Grey Cup worthy.

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Like yukoner thought this would be full of comments the purchase is huge news for the CFL .


One you have someone now with political connections ...

Two you have someone with a competitor media connections

Three you have someone that could get a team in Quebec City ...

on and on ....