Pierre Durocher Rencontre M. Wetenhall

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3 most important items from the interview with our under appreciated owner:

  • Mr. Wetenhall will make every effort to keep Jim Popp.
  • The team will not be sold and will remain in the Wetenhall family hands.
  • Mr. Wetenhall still smoking at 79. :roll:

Why do you feel the owner is under appreciated?

Was great for Durocher to take the time to sit with Mr. Wetenhall but is there a part two to that interview ???

Higgins may not be the fashiest of Head coaches but Montreal really does not need one. Higgins knows the CFL inside and out. Montreal has a great defensive coordinator. Higgins coaching expereince would most likley lead him to micro manage the coordinators under him.
He has put himself in charge of Special Teams as a veteran CFL coach knows are extremely important.
The offense will be a work in progress but that is OK as we have seen with Toronto in 2012 and Hamilton in 2013 it is a long season.
The Als are not short on talent on offense and have an Oline with main components in place.
Higgins realizes that they do not need to reinvent the wheel and knows how to break a season down to 3 parts. games 1-6 middle 7-12 and make your run in the final third games 13 to 18.

I think one thing that is overlooked in Troy Smith is how physically strong he is. He will be tough to bring down in the pocket via a blitzing DB

Never mind. Found it... :thup:

If you ask Alberta fans what the biggest issue was with Higgins the common answer is that he favors "lambs" over "wolves" and that is the main reason why his teams get blown away in the post season. Hopefully he's learned. If he starts cutting guys like Ferri, Brown, Parker we''ll know to expect more of the same.

Not sure that's true that he favors lambs as you say.
In Calgary he had a roster full of "wolves" that some would say were not disciplined enough. He tolerated very bad behavior there all in the name of free spirits. Penalties, end zone dances etc.
In Edmonton he was castigated for making sometime bizarre decisions that backfired at the worst times. The final straw was a faked punt in a playoff game that most say caused the loss.

Why is Billy Parker a "wolf" in this scenario? The guy never runs his mouth, never makes headlines for bad reasons. He just plays consistently, year in and year out. If Higgins cuts Parker, it won't be a sign that he favours lambs over wolves. It will be a sign that he's insane and an awful evaluator of football talent.

Ferri is another can of worms entirely. Has a history of taking bad UR penalties at inopportune times and seems to have a recurring stomach ailment that sidelines him for 2-4 games every year. And he's not even a starter anymore. If he acts up, he'll get cut, and rightly so.

As we've seen often here, when the basic premise is factually incorrect then the examples are hole filled canteens.