Piercy Retires

[url=http://cfl.ca/article/piercy-retires-to-pursue-mba-at-oxford]http://cfl.ca/article/piercy-retires-to ... -at-oxford[/url]

What a shame, Piercy was a good player.

Congratulations, Jeff. What an awesome opportunity and experience you'll have. Your time in Hamilton was not long enough, but it was a pleasure to watch you play and to read your comments and insights on the game. Thanks for all your contributions, and good luck in the exciting years ahead.

Good Luck Jeff!

If you put as much heart into your studies as you did on the football field, you'll have a helluva career ahead of you.

All the best!

Too bad his healthyness as a Canadian didn't rub off on his backfield mate.

Jeff was a solid pick up and I will miss not giving him, yes him a fullback, the ball on 3rd and one. I still don't understand the play call.

All the best Jeff and he's actually a smart one, getting out with his health and the opportunity to become further educated. Gotta give him props!

One Best guys to know off the Field a true Gentleman
Hard working on the Field ..
I have great RESPECT for him.

Good Luck with book learning Jeff.
Oxford is fine Place to learn

Sad to see Jeff go, but I wish him the best of luck. I will miss his funny and insightful writing and his hard work on the field.

Congratulations Jeff on being accepted to Oxford.Maybe while you are there you can show some of the lads how a Canadian plays rugby.Good luck in your studies. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

So Pavlovic is our #1 fullback now???

This is a great opportunity for him. I'm really pleased for the guy. Maybe he can come back and work for Bob in a totally different capacity one day.

Congrats Jeff.
An Argo-Cat fan

My dad used to teach at the high school Piercy attended in Saskatoon. He said at that level Piercy looked like a man playing against boys.

I'll miss Piercy's entertaining articles from cfl.ca

Best of luck to him at Oxford.