I have to question the choice of Buck Pierce as Offensive Player of the Week. I felt there were at least three players that were more worthy than Pierce. Jerome Messam with 139 yards rushing tops my list, should have got both Offensive and Canadian IMO. Fred Stamps with 14 catches for 130 yards and Chris Getzlaf with 7 catches for 170 yards also would have been better picks than Pierce.

Guess the prime criteria for this award is being "gutsy", not performance. If they don't want to give 2 awards to one player then Messam should have got Offensive player and Getzlaf, Canadian.

Buck had more yards than all those guys... :wink:


what? quarterbacks get Offensive Player of the Week awards they don't necessarily deserve? this is an outrage and clearly the first time this has ever happened!

if it were up to me I'd give it to Getzlaf and Messam before Pierce but there's always been a bit of QB bias in the OPoW selection.

every week that pierce survives is award worthy :wink:

....hey ...why doesn't someone start a thread ...How far will Buck take the Bombers In 2011???...how about you Evil Doc... :wink: :lol:

Since Messam already took the Canadian, I probably would’ve given Getzlaf the Offensive. He had a score to go with his 170 yards. Oh well. What are you gonna do?

That’s because he throws to multiple receivers. 170 yards for a receiver is like Brady throwing for 500 yards on MNF.

REALLY??!?!? I had no idea... :roll:

Messam had 2 scores.

200 rec yards and 2 scores is more like 500 yards

I'm aware, but like I said, since he already had the Canadian, I would've given the Offensive to Getzlaf.

Why are they so reluctant to give a guy 2 POW's if he is deserving?

I think it’s lame, especially since Getzlaf had just as good a game.

Messam: 139 yards and 2 scores.
Getzlaf: 170 yards and 1 score.

no no that's not how it works.

usually NFL QB's throw mostly to one or two guys.. sure other guys get passes but look at stats and more often than not there'll be 1 or 2 receivers that have the big yardage game in and out.

something that has happened eleven times in NFL history is equivalent to something that happens several times a season in a league with 1/4 as many teams? maybe 170 receiving yards is equivalent to 350-400 for a QB, definitely not 500

I don't disagree, so how does Pierce get the award?


typical drunk bomber fan, couldnt find the stadium :wink:

Oy, just oy.

I don't know. I agree that Getzlaf should've gotten it instead of Buck. What are you gonna do? It's just a weekly award. There's only one award that truly matters.

Top Canadian really shouldn't work that way. I'm pretty sure it does, but it's wrong to treat it like a ghetto award where anybody who wins it can't qualify for one of the "real" awards.

So give the Canadian to Getzlaf and the Offensive to Messam. If you give everything to Messam just so the Canadian doesn't look like a "ghetto award," then Getzlaf still gets robbed when he had 170 yards and a score. I don't see anything wrong with spreading the awards around. Both players are NI, and both had excellent games and deserve recognition.