Pierce to Start against the Roughriders.

Well Wally has successfully insured there won't be many people rushing out to buy tickets to the game., announcing today that Buck will start. Could he not have hinted that Lullay may start, or that Printers would replace Champion at #3. Nope instead wet get "fuzzyheaded" Pierce to "control our offence. (so named, because it is offensive)

Why not give Lulay a shot....sure he's untried, but look when he threw Pierce in a few years back.....he shot out the lights. Put Spurgeon Wynn,....I mean Jarious Jackson on the injured list, Give Lulay a shot, Pierce is there if he falters, maybe even hint at Printers......sell some tickets Wally. And while you're at it, by all means let Sean Whyte dazzle us with some more almost blocked kicks, or some of those booming 18 yarders, don't bring in a warrior who has done yeoomans service for the Lions, from faking punts, to being reliable week in, week out, just kick him out the door ( maybe get Whyte to do it, he won't kick him far). Right...now Wally decides you CAN lose your job due to injury.

100% agree, Wally though is not coaching with the FUTURE in mind or season tickets, he is coachign for NOW--

I agree LULAY should get the start and alternate with PRINTERS from now on.. Start them both and then after the season cut 3 of the 4 qb's we have on this roster and bring in some new ones--

We have 4 qb's on this team. We have given AMPLE starting chances to both PIERCE and JACKSON-- Now its time that LULAY and PRINTERS get thier shot also------

We need to find a TRUE #1 Qb and must start using new QB`s--- So I agree lets see if eitehr LULAY or PRINTERS can be that GUY--

I think they both might be that guy---

Pierce is a joke and I dont think we can win vs any good teams with him starting, he is the TONY ROMO of the CFL----

I'm sure he'll give Lulay a few series if they're down (or somehow up).

And.... I'm praying not to be there for Printers' return debut. Put him in on the road if you have to Wally.

Shocking how quickly you have all turned on the greatest CFL coach of all time. Without looking it up on the internet, can anybody remember the year of his last sub-500 season?

  • Be honest (yeah like that's gonna happen - for those of you looking it up, how many sub 500 years has he had in his career)

Records mean nothing, the past means nothing, its about today and what have you done for me lately---

There is no arguing Buono`s record as a coach as it is impeccable, but the fact remains he has been the PHIL JACKSON of the CFL, in that he has been the beneficiary of coaching the TOP TALENT year in year out on all his teams he coached--

Lets see who he has had on his teams---

Doug Flutie-- Jeff Garcia-- Allen Pitts-- Kelvin Anderson- Dave Sapunjis-- Vince Danieleson- Alondra Johnson- Travis Moore--

Dave Dickenson- Geroy Simon- Cameron Wake-Joe Smith-- Otis Floyd- Jamal Johnson-

Buono has HAD the premiere QB`s on every team he has coached and always had Great talent and arguably the top 1 or 2 Defenses on every team he has Coached---

The man knows the CFL, and has a good record although he has COACHED the best talent in the league--

A better indication of WALLY is not during his days in CALGARY, but was the last 2 to 3 years in BC where the team was GOOD and should have had great success--
Wally has shown time and again that he makes arguable the worst decisions in the CFL during ingame in the 4th qtr--

Lets talk about ingame coaching and coaching in big games, and WALLY is not the Great COACh at all-


He was the beneficiary of the top talent? He found the top talent! He has been a General Manager from 1992 to now, he's the one signing these guys, coaching them and leading them to success. The past means a great deal when he has had three seasons out of 19 with fewer than 11 wins. Only three! That's mind-boggling! And he can thank his GM for the talent..

Three years ago? Like when the Lions won the Grey Cup? Or two years ago? When they had a team record 14-3-1 standing? What is your definition of success?!? One year ago? When his stupid team was allergic to the endzone in the West Final and were so close to the Grey Cup but the playmakers choked?

I could argue that he makes bad decisions throughout the game... punting from the two-yard line? That still gets me..

Look, I'm not defending the man because I idolize him, I'm just going with the facts. He has had an outstanding career and his players are good because he made them good. Flutie, Garcia, Burris, Dickenson, CRANDELL? He won a Grey Cup with Crandell! Not to knock the guy, but he isn't as stellar as the others.

The team is 5-7 and still holding onto the last playoff spot by one game. You don't start a raw rookie because that means you've given up and the season's over. You don't start Printers because he's only been here for two weeks and he was pretty awful in Hamilton. You're stuck with Buck I'm-going-to-look-at-my-receiver-on-the-corner-route-until-I-think-he's-open-then-get-intercepted Pierce. For now...

You know you could've said it shorter by saying, "You're stuck with, the Neil O'Donnell of the CFL."

Other than that, what he said.

And I must say he played welled against SK. I was impressed. Good job! Keep that up, but stay healthy!!!

You guys got proven, buck did awesome./

Great game Buck!, but I fear for your health.

Who do you think found Cam Wake???? Its not like Wally was given the talent. If i wasn't mistaken ,Calgary was a struggling team before Wally took over as coach. The BC LIONS were struggling to play over .500 and suffering at the gates before Wally came here.
Hey why do you think he's been known to develope QB'S in the past Cobra. Wally was the one to develope players like Garcia, Dickenson , Printers? You don't have that kind of record or stability if you don't scout or develope the talent yourself.
Cobra go back to the days when we had Adam Rita as GM. When our only hope of success was on an aging QB in Damion Allen and no one to develope behind him. Or the time when the Lions hosted ONE PLAYOFF GAME IN 12 YEARS before you start complaing about Wally.

32000 and a win

Thanks for answering your own question