Pierce to BC for Foster - wow!

At this point anyone can make up any scenario. If the Als sweep Hamilton and the Bombers win their games.... The way the East teams are playing. I would say that no team is good enough to claim they are in the clear. Even the Argos.

Like winning the Grey Cup ? :lol: :lol: :lol:

True, anyone can make up any scenario, but the point I was trying to make is that the odds of Winnipeg making the playoffs over Montreal are far greater and more realistic then them overcomming Hamilton at this point, espcially if they beat Montreal in the last game. If Hamilton wins four, they clinch, no matter what Winnipeg does, even if they sweep. Nine or ten is the magic number right now in the east division.

After all, Winnipeg still needs to play vs BC, Calgary and Toronto with Ricky Ray twice, but anything can happen in the CFL.

If you can't figure out how to quote people then please don't do it. You make it look as if Hammer said things that he didn't.

All you have to do is write at least one line below the last quote bracket. It's so simple that I find it stunning that anyone could mess it up. It's like not being able to lift food to your own mouth.

Wpg defence played an inspired game yesterday. I doubt they can keep that up.
Sask is beginning to look human the last 4 weeks and were due for an upset.
I think they were the best prepared team to start the season but other teams are catching them.
Banjo Bowl is a tough win for them because of the intensity Wpg always brings to that game.

BB 's trade is a good one for them . It may improve their receiving corp.
The fact remains , and was obvious to anyone who watched yesterdays game , the Bombers do not
have a quarterback. I would have put in Jason Boltus yesterday because he could not have been worse
than Goltz. Hall & Goltz are horrible and Pierce is done . Getting a young Canadian receiver will help in the
future but not this season . BB's have a major rebuild ahead of them.

B.C. will live or die with Travis Lulay ( this guy is a great QB ) Buck Pierce won't help them.
I believe that B.C. had lost confidence in Akeem Foster. ( too many drops )

Lots of people second guessed Wally letting Simon go. Now ? not so much. Wally can evaluate talent just fine.

Corrected, thanks bane.

Anyways, yeah that's fair. Edmonton needs to win at least five to catch up with us or BC and three to catch up with Montreal assuming these teams lose out (unlikely). If Edmonton doesn't beat Winnipeg in the next two games, it's almost certain they are out as Winnipeg will have an effective five game lead on them as well at that point, with six games left.

Heres a different take by Dave Sheldon @ CKNW

Listening CKNW's editorial this morning makes sense.

http://www.cknw.com/sports/ (Click on Sept 9)

I don't think this trade HURTS either team. Winnipeg is on a "Youth" movment at QB. Foster was way down the BC depth chart.

According to CKNW, Wally wanted to shake things up and especially push Lulay. Also they may neeed a guy to come in for one or two series from time to time. Foster hasn't done much this year. He has potential. I think Pierce is just a "rental" until the end of the season when his contract is up. I think Pierce is more "Insurance".

The upside for BC is they don't just get a veteran for insurance, but they are getting a guy who has worked with their organization and specifically, their offensive coordinator (Jacques Chapdelaine) before. He also played alongside BC's current quarterbacks coach (Jarious Jackson). BC knows exactly who and what they're getting, and he's an easy drop-in fit due to his history with the club and its coaches.

Edit: I'll add that Buck desperately needed a change of scenery, even if it's familiar scenery. :wink:

Edit again :wink:: BC wasn't sour on Pierce, they just didn't want to gamble on his ability to stay healthy, and they thought they had a successful Casey Printers comeback on their hands at the end of 2009.

Thank you for the link sportsmen.

When I first saw the story on one of the papers earlier today, my first thought was what???? Then a realization that one of the traders was Wally Buono and nobody pulls the wool over that man's eyes. He had to do this for a reason and one that would make sense to his team.

After listening to the comment on the link you provided, of course it makes perfect sense.

Meanwhile, the Bombers get rid of an albatross and can now begin the process of building a future quarterback. That alone should make them relieved and hopeful.

Doesnt Winnipeg have a better chance of Western crossover if the Eskies dont improve?

No, they would also have to finish ahead of one of the other western teams.

Yeah, for Winnipeg to cross over, they would need to win at least four and beat BC and get the point differential over them and BC would have to lose out. They'd also need to have a worse record then the rest of the east division, which given the last four games of the season are east vs east, that seems unlikely. If the Bombers somehow win four, there are good odds that they will knock out Montreal, since they still have a game and might own the tiebreaker at that point and Montreal has three games vs Hamilton. I suppose they have slightly better odds the overtaking BC then Hamilton, given that Hamilton has the tiebreaker and BC's has yet to be played. Although said game vs BC would need to win by more then 7 points, since they likely wouldn't beat BC on "higher net quotient of points", so that's not saying much.

Make no mistake, barring an epic collapse, if Winnipeg makes it to the post season, it's very likely it's at Montreal's expense.

Actually it's even harder than that for them to cross over.
They would have to win at least 5 (or 4 plus a tie) more games than BC, not just 4 wins plus the point differential.
Because there is no tiebreaker in the crossover standings. You have to finish ahead of the 3rd place team in the other division.

I stand corrected, you are correct.

Well if Winnipeg was to pass the Lions it likely means (as of now) they would win the division so they would not be the one crossing over. The way he Eastern teams are playing. I don't think the Lions have much to worry about unless they lose Lulay for the season.

Well, it's possible, but it's not going likely to happen. BC would need to lose out and Winnipeg would need to beat Edmonton, Edmonton, BC, Calgary and Toronto and thats it. From there, Hamilton wins two or more and locks out Winnipeg, Montreal wins three or more (one being the Tiebreak with Winnipeg) and locks them out there and Toronto wins the other game vs Winnipeg and locks them out with some play between the east teams in there.

Wally Buono's QB factory has finally run out of stock.
It is rare to find a Buono team without an outstanding QB prospect ready to step in.
This is the reason that veteran QB Buck Pierce is back in the Lions den.

Buono's list of QB's he has developed is 2nd to none in any league

Doug Flutie
Jeff Garcia
Henry Burris
Dave Dickenson
Casey Printers
Buck Pierce
Travis Lulay
Mike Reilly

When Buono traded Mike Reilly he left the cupboard bare when Joey Elliot didn't work out

I really don’t see Montreal sweeping the Ticats - not without AC - or maybe even with him. They had a hard time beating us last season and IMO the Ticats are stronger and the Als have taken a step back - Marsh Madness or not! But then that’s why we actually play the games! :lol: