Pierce to BC for Foster - wow!

According to CFL twitter Buck Pierce has been traded to BC for A Foster. Lulay's finger must be bad, that's all I can think of. WOW!

Just as surprised. I have a link.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/bombers-trade-pierce-to-lions-in-exchange-for-foster]http://www.cfl.ca/article/bombers-trade ... for-foster[/url]

Does this mean Winnipeg might become a factor in the east again?

One of the smartest moves Winnipeg has made, beside winning today's game of course. :wink:

As i said on the main forum, the bombers got rid of a salary they were committed to regardless if they cut him or not.
They found someone else to pick up the tab, and actually got something of value in return for their unwanted garbage.
Good on them.

Two questions:
Why would B.C actually TRADE for Pierce?

How in the world did the Bombers convince them it was a good deal?

Actually can't believe the Bombers got rid of him, maybe the Bombers are in better shape than we thought.

Only reason I can see is because BC doesn't have a proven backup QB. If Lulay goes down (which after today's game, might be a possibility) they need someone to handle it. Besides BC shed a lot of salary when they got rid of Bruce and Simon. So long as the contract isn't too heavy or long and can be renegotiated, it doesn't strike me as the worst trade ever. Certainly no Ricky Ray trade.

Still, I would have demanded a draft pick as well at the very least though. Not smart trading a young prospect away for a damaged QB in Pierce and not have something to use to build the future with.

I'm still scratching my head over this one too. :o Lions got rid of Buck once and now they take him back? albeit as a backup. Bombers may have won today over a powerhouse team - and good for them for knocking the Riders down a peg or two - but I think it is WAY too early to say that they are in better shape than we thought. Like everyone said about the Ticats wins over the bottom feeders - they have to do more winning to prove themselves contenders. Not sure I can see their D playing that way every game without burning themselves out. They are going to need some better offensive production going forward.



Got to feel for Buck, gets traded from a team with a terrible oline to another team where the line is probably just as bad.

WPG catching MTL for last playoff spot isnt out of the question.

It never amazes me in the CFL you think one player is at the end of his career from so many hits like Buck Pierce has taken and so prone to injury and he ends up with a rejuvenated career back with his old team. Maybe Lulay just took too much punishment against Hamilton that BC decided they needed a second punching bag at QB?

Seems like a pretty insignificant trade to me. Buck has losi it. He isn't the same guy who left BC. I think he's done as a first string QB. He's a decent guy to have on your roster as insurance for Lulay. Foster hasn't done much although he is Canadian. Still young enough to develop but at the moment, just another guy with some potential.

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:thup: What Barney said.

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It isn't, I actually posted in the main thread about this. Winnipeg has two games vs Edmonton and one vs Monteal, if they can win those games and Montreal plays poorly, it's a realistic possibility.

Winnipeg catching us though is very unlikely at this point. Even if Winnipeg sweeps (which they won't, I don't see them beating Calgary or BC or beating Toronto twice who will have Ricky Ray back by then) so long as the Cats play 50/50 football, we'll still get in. Possible, but unlikely.

Not so sure about that, they still don't have anyone to THROW the ball to this season saving acquisition.

Although Buck started a lot less games when he was first in BC, he had a lot more consistent success there.

A change of pace, and being with a team that actually wants you, can be all a player in his situation needs to find his feet and arm again. His skill is still there, he has been on a very badly managed and coached team for the last few seasons.

Hamilton is ONE game ahead of Montreal with 3 games left to play between the two. You guys aren’t any safer. :lol:

Well, actually we are two games safer the Montreal is. Hamilton has beaten Winnipeg 3 times this year. That series is ours. Winnipeg can't simply tie us and hope for point differential to sneak in, they HAVE to overtake us if they want to get in at our expense. If Montreal loses to Winnipeg though, Winnipeg will not only get a game on them, they will also hold that tiebreaker, which greatly enhances their playoff chances.

Winnipeg has a game left against Montreal and can still win the season series. If Winnipeg does in fact do that, they would have to win one more game than Montreal does in the other seven remaining games.

Winnipeg has one game left against Hamilton but can't win the season series. If Winnipeg does win that remaining game with Hamilton, they would still have to win three more games than Hamilton does in those other seven games.

With that being said, I'd still be pretty surprised if Winnipeg finished ahead of Montreal.

This means Winnipeg needs to win at least four and have Hamilton lose out to sneak past us. That doesn't seem too likely, espcially since we are likely getting one game vs the Argos without Ricky Ray and we've thumped Winnipeg all season, but possible.

However getting past Montreal is a lot more realistic. Winnipeg can potentially get in with a win in Montreal and one more win if the Als lose out, because they will win the tiebreaker.

Neither to me seems likely, but the point is, the Bombers beating Montreal and getting that tie-break could be the difference maker. The other point is Hamilton plays Montreal three times, one of those teams is going to gain ground on Winnipeg, no matter what and one team losing out is VERY unlikely for exactly that reason.