Pierce & Reid owe the O-line a dinner for their play in Mtl!

Amazing what happens when the O-line gets their act together, isn't it? The O-line sprung Reid for a huge TD; Pierce was well protected and made the big plays we needed to win in Montreal.

Here's hoping the O-line continues to improve :rockin:

....they certainly played a better game...I hope Buck and Fred have lots of room on their charge card If they decide to take those guys out for dinner...That's a lot of grub those guys can pack away... :lol:

EVERYBODY was better today...

yup everybody played GREAT today.. if any faults, its on our special teams blocking. we dont have any. whoever our returner is.. don't matter, gizmo williams couldnt do anything with that many guys surronding him.

Special teams BLOCKING. and Punting by RENAUD.. needs to be more consistent...a few times per game the other team seems to get one or maybe 2 shanks by renaud.. dude should be booming em 50 yards a kick atleast.. he has the leg.. he just isnt consistent. Those 2 areas need to be improved.. ofcourse along with the oline.. sure not alot of hits on buck.. but.. too many big ones this year.. Today they played well tho... reid 13 for 86 and a td is awesome. whittaker had less.

And our D absolutely shut montreals O down.. almost completely really.. 2 turnovers = 10 points. They dont happen.. the d only gives up 1 td and 2 fg's. TO MONTREAL in MONTREAL.

Great team effort overall but Blocking,Punting and the Oline still need work. I believe we put up over 400 yards on offense.. buck = 20/29 for 312. reid had 84.T brown had 9.. i dunno,buck had 24 rush yards.. Yeah even after loss's over 400 yards of offense on montreal in montreal. How about we play like this every game from now on :slight_smile: you take away our own mistakes.. we win bigger. Bombers are good when they are on.. they were on today.

Some areas need improvement still.. D is solid, O is coming along nicely..Sp teams need to catch up. ONCE they do.. will they tho? Blocking? is it scheme by walters? or just our guys out there blocking arent as good as the guys they are taking on.. i dunno. It's a trend tho now. regardless of returner, its a trend now.


Agreed. Renaud was outdistanced on average by Whyte by 10-11 yards, though he was usually punting from a shorter field, but he had that bad shank. Overall though they kept the mistakes to a minimum. Penalties need to be toned down. But a good all around effort. Suber-man vs Richardson should be fun to watch next game.

re: the oline - better performance out there today, gave up 3 sacks but Montreal has a pretty good front 4. Still like Hopkins and was disappointed to see him go from here. The made a nice hole for Reid and he took advantage of it on that 47 yard run. Run blocking and Reid still have a ways to go IMO. Aside from that run they put up 12 other carries for only 37 yards, a 3 yard average. That average needs to go up by a couple of yards, especially when starting 2 imports.

Buck still got hit a fair bit too.

They were better but they still have lots of room for improvement. Encouraging signs though definitely.