Pierce Ready

I read on the CFL website that Buck Pierce is 50/50 to start against Hamilton, but will definitely be dressed for the game


I read an article today on canoe.ca (sun newspapers ), that says buck is playing today.

I can't post the link from my blackberry, sorry. Not trying to be like CFLmusic...lol

If he’s only 50/50, why not leave him out one more week? Jyles isn’t doing too bad and speaking from experiance of a Lions fan, its always best not to rush the return of a QB!

.....Buck starts today,,,,,,didn't you hear the big collective gulp coming out of the hammer :lol:

...which 50 is the good 50?....

The bombers consider tonite a 'do-or-die' game, hence the buck pierce start!

If the bombers lose tonite, they lose the season series to the cats, whom they will be competing with for a playoff berth-possibly a home playoff game aswell.

A bomber loss puts them on course for a crossover...would you want to play the riders or stamps on the road in the playoffs?
I think they'd prefer the argos or cats in the first round!..Lol

True enough, but Winnipeg does belong in the West, don't you think?

Not sure what to expect from Buck tonight. He's been out for 3 weeks, and his last game in Hamilton was definitely sub-par.

Here's hoping the Cats can contain him and not let him build confidence early on.

Go Cats!

Yes, if one of the ticats or bombers have to cross over to the west, if prefer it be the bombers.

Winnipeg vs sask or winnipeg vs calgary is a better 1st round matchup then Hamilton vs any west team.

And I'd rather see the argos and ticats in the 1st round in the East, too!