Pierce Proving Everyone Wrong!!

I know it has only been 2 games but our "glass" QB Buck Pierce is proving everone in the league wrong, other teams, other fans, our sceptacle fans and B.C.

With LaPo as a coach Buck is not getting himself into situations which may cause an injury so far and he is the leading QB in rating going into week 3 and his numbers show that he is a Strong Leader, a Great Competetor and a great QB.

42/60, 70% completion rate, 657 Yards passing, 5 TDS, 1 INT and a QB rating of 126.9 ---- These numbers are unreal not to mention he has 192 Yards rushing in 2 games.

How is that for a guy who was supposed to be finished!!!!
Great Job Buck!!

He's been outstanding...no question. I don't remember too many games in BC where he looked this good. Guess he's a good fit here... :thup:

Everybody likes Bucks play and his great personality.

It is a fact that he has not been able to get through any of the last five seasons, you really have to wait until the season is over before going nah nah yay yay… he’s played two games his five year average is 5 or 6 games.

Yeah, really.

Everyone’s acting like Pierce playing two games without injury is irrefutable proof that he isn’t made of glass. We’ll see how things shake out by the end of the season. If by then, he hasn’t missed more than one or two games, then we can lay this ghost to rest. But if he winds up on the IR again…

You wont get an argument from me. Personally, I was sad to see Buck go.

Not sure he has proven anyone wrong yet, nobody doubted his talent. He is a proven winner in this league.
He will prove everyone wrong if he plays the majority of the season. But the season is far from over.

pierce when healthy is one of the better qb's in the league, everybody knows that. not proving anyone wrong at all.

never knew he was so quick tho. but...

anyways, whats with the... but its only 2 weeks junk in regards to pierce and his injuries?

is this gonna be a reaccuring theme around here?

pierce has loooked good for 16 games but... theres still 2 weeks left.

its almost like people are hoping for him to get injured and thats not cool.

in regards to the injury situation, all we can really do is wait and see how the season plays out ..

i will say this tho.. if pierce can play 16-18 games, the bombers will be in good shape at the end of the season... and a lot of ppl didnt think that was possible

.....There's a nice video with Dunigan doing a little bio with Buck....You can see why this guy is a winner...He says he loves football, the bluengold colours and the big 'W' ,as it reminds him of home and his team he started with...Feeling like home and playing like a winner so far....I just had a hunch this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship....Did Wally and the leos make an error??????I guess we'll find out for sure in 2010....Lots of miles to go sport...but it's looking good so far :thup:

Even with LaPolice present, the Argos still got away with theft!

What did the Argos Thieve? Argos earned that win in my books. Great special teams, good defence and ball control offence pounding the ball with Cory Boyd. it was a good game

If he stays healthy he'll prove everyone wrong.

Right now he is proving that he is a very good QB when healthy.

hmm.. not really got away with theft id say. more like.. just played good enough to win. bombers had 2 early turnovers.. argos had 0. usually the team who doesnt turn the ball over.. wins.

good defence tho? i disagree. bombers put up close to 500 yards again of total offence.

id agree with great special teams as imo, sp teams + turnovers = why argos won.

argos didnt do much that game. they just played for a full 60 minutes where the boombers only played about 45 minutes.

Vast difference between playing 16 games without injury and two games without injury. Considering Buck's injury history over the past few years, these are legitimate concerns.

its almost like people are hoping for him to get injured and thats not cool.
Nobody wants him to get injured. Not sure where you're getting that from.

Well...except maybe for some Ticat fans... :wink:

:D I've heard many fans of opposing teams talk openly about getting a huge hit on Calvillo and knocking him out of the game. That's just friendly trash talk, I don't take offense.

Any fan who sincerely hopes that Buck Pierce gets seriously injured is a few bricks short of a full load.

I like Bucky and the C.F.L as a whole but some Bomber fans have no class. No one I know would wish injury on a player. Bucky does look like he is headed for injury with his run stats but I hope he survives and we meet in the playoffs. :cowboy:

:roll: Ohhhkay

Well he made it to 2.5 games.

Even you have to admit, that was a freak play.