Pierce out against Edmonton

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Buck Pierce will be out against Edmonton.

Winnipeg head coach Paul LaPolice said Sunday at practice that the Blue Bombers quarterback will have to sit out when the team hosts the Edmonton Eskimos on Friday evening.

Pierce was forced to sit on the sidelines when he bruised thigh drying his hands on his pants.

"I went to take a leak during film study, and the hand dryer was out of order," said Pierce. "There’s also some swelling in my throwing hand."

It’s one in a long series of injuries. Last week he nearly severed a finger while flipping through his playbook, and the week before that he dislocated his jaw sucking on a juice box.

Pierce will be replaced by Joey Elliott.

Ha Ha.

Seriously, Chief, don’t quit your day job.

....true blueblood.....chief won't make the Comedy Festival...but they can give him a stand-up routine at the Wishful Thinking Club....He must be getting scared to have to stoop to false reporting....But then looking at the Bombers D i can understand why :lol: Ray better be at his duckin' and weavin' best, cuz we're comin' :lol:

And let the rumours fly!

I thought he tweaked his ankle while putting on his socks, which was later debunked by a teammate who corrected us in saying he was actually putting on his shoes.

....and you my friend would also get the hook at the Comedy Club :lol:.....so IF we're dealing in rumours......Mike Sellers returning to the Bombers if Washington doesn't want to pick-up his last years salary :wink: Now there's a scary rumour :wink:


I heard something about him injuring his shoulder while brushing his teeth.

...but Buck is sooooooo ripped..

Buck could get whiplash looking a pretty girl in the stands... his jeresey should not say "Pierce" on the back but "Fragile"...

:lol: I'll never stop laughing at this.

I can't wait for Buck to tear the Esks up on Friday :smiley:

You will find out that the Esks are much better team than they appear... just ask the teams that they have beaten already...

Not too bad chief lol, buuuuut in Bucks defense, that man has taken some brutal hits and is still tick'n. Lets face it, who among us could imagine that he'd still be playing after the beat'n his taken thus far. I say God speed BP. That's Buck Pierce and not Boston pizza buy the way.

Then he should start trying to avoid them. Guys like Calvillo hook slide for a reason. Instead we see Buck trying to act like a running back and getting injured.

Buck is simply stupid with a fair bit of talent but will never reach his potential because well, we all know why.

LOL, I always thought he would be injured in an unfortunate minny wheats accident. Guess not... But like Red mentioned, Buck is in the best shape of his life. It's all good.

i almost changed my pics for next week chief good thing i opened the thread first.

Anyone notice burris going head first a lot last night? buck maybe trend setting?

The funniest thing about the Bombers is the opposing team has to drive through Swaggerville to get to the end zone. And that highway has "hurt" written all over it.

brink looked like he could get the job done just as well as pierce, if not better. I would not change my pick if this were real.

I absolutely would. It's completely different to come on in relief with very little pressure on you, as opposed to being the man and starting the game.

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