Pierce back to BC

The Bombers just acquired Akeem Foster from BC in exchange for Pierce. I just need to keep telling myself this is a QB depth trade to keep me from wanting to scream. WTF Wally!?

To me that looks like a good trade for the Bombers. You get a quality depth NI receiver, and you give up your injury prone, interception tossing QB.

my thoughts exactly.

It makes more sense from B.C. perspective then you think. Lulay has not played well this year. Is Peirce the answer? No probably not, but at least you can turn to someone with experience at the position and not throw away the season. Also the Lions do know Peirce and what he is capable of from his days there. My bigger concern would be if he's still getting paid as a number 1 quarter back.

Interesting, something we don't know here. Is Lulay hurt?? Wally needs a back up.

Good trade for both sides I would say.

Disagree, good trade for the Peg.

not as long as pierce is on the sidelines while foster is on the field.

Except that Pierce has tossed 6 INTs in limited action this year. He's right behind Lulay in that category.

Wow. Busy day for the Blue Bombers.
First they somehow manage to screw over the Roughriders on the field, and then right after, they screw over the Lions with this trade. Things are looking up in Winnipeg. A very successful day for the Blue Bombers indeed.
(please note, Buck Pierce DOES have a lot of QB talent, but I fear his joints and ligaments are really battered up, thanks to the fairly ineffective Winnipeg O-Line thus far this season).

This makes little sense for the Lions. They signed a QB coach for a reason.

Maybe but he was playing with the bombers not the lions. Its not like the bombers have been lighting it up with a different quarter back. Like I said I don't think he will be as bad as he was in Winnipeg this year. Nor do I think he will be as good as he was when he was with the lions.

Wow. Sadly a great day for the Boombers

Wow. Bombers don't have to pay buck's salary for the rest of the season, and got something in return for a guy they don't want but couldn't cut without paying him his salary anyway.
Great move for winnipeg.
Glad the bombers will let Goltz or Hall lead the team the rest of the way, instead of reverting back to the dead end that was pierce.

Smart move by Winnipeg for sure, all the best to Buck, likeable guy but the end is near for him.

I agree, Pierce could be a decent backup coming off to spell Lulay.

Could it be BC is starting to think after next years expansion draft?

Pierce was a good quarterback; BC Oline is definitely better than my bombers OLINE. Pierce couldn't cut it in Winnipeg but in another team with a better OLINE he might be a great quarterback once again. Winnipeg might also be one of the few teams out there willing to trade.

Wow didnt see this coming t all. I didn't believe the thread title at first!

Nice trade for Winnipeg, getting something for a guy they wanted to move on from. Not sure why BC needs him, but he does add depth.

Strange trade for the Lions. First Buono was pretty clear in not keeping Buck a few years back he didn't like the fact he kept getting hurt. So he trades to get Buck back with Buck coming off an injury? Lulay has been taken a lot of hits this year and with them dumping Elliott it sounded like they wanted a more veteran QB in the mix, but its still surprising that his solution is Buck. What's with Foster, has he been hurt or just not getting on the field? Stat wise he has 1 catch on the year. Maybe this is as much about giving up on Foster as it is about Buck?