does any one have n e pictures of games that theyve been to that they wanna share with everyone?? just wonderin

Many a time I regret not having my camera with me at a game ... (well, first I need a working camera). I still can't believe I've never taken a camera to either of the Grey Cup games I've been to! :frowning: Good idea for a thread, though

I have already posted this before but since you asked.

This is at the Big O last year, Mtl VS Toronto!

This is the year before. Mtl VS Toronto

I'll be taking pictures this season of the Bombers since I have season tickets (row 2)

I'll post them in here

why is there a gades thing in tht pic if its MTL and TOR

Your right it was Ottawa

ah, I miss that Expos sign.

you can bring cameras to games?

So they do use FieldTurf in the Big Owe? That's good ... I heard it was basically cement, otherwise ...

good god, I hate to be the guy that runs out of bounds in the end zone at that place.

But Kanga, YOU are the (ONLY) one who likes the Big O !

they need glass everywere on that floor.

my likeness (even love for it) for it is starting to run out.

Still intending to go to the 2008 GC though.

Its kinda hard to grow grass in there!

They used to have FieldTurf in the "Big Uh Oh", but when the Expos packed up shop and moved to Washington, D.C., they sold their turf to B.C. Place. Olympic Stadium now uses the old, rock hard Astroturf like the one you see in ro's pic 'tween the Argos & Als from last yr. And unless they make some changes before then, it'll be the same surface the 2008 GC will be played on as well.

It's probably easier to grow grass in there than glass ...

And that explains why the newer picture looks to have older turf. Hopefully that field is upgraded for the Grey Cup ... but it's a big investment for a crumbling stadium that's used twice a year.